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Issue #93: May 3, 2009

Q: I run Outlook Express and can only open .pdf files if I double click the attachment and send to documents folder to then be opened.  Is there a way to open in outlook express without having to save the file?  When clicking on the email drop down menu a message comes up reading:  “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.”  Another problem is when I click to open an underlined link to read.  Then I get this message:  The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running can not be used to view pdf files in a web browser.  Adobe/Reader version 8 or 0 is required. Please exit and try again.  I have Adobe Reader 9 and Vista operating system.

– Alan R.
Bluewater Bay, FL

A: The second part of your question answers the first part, Alan.  The reason you can’t open a .pdf from within OE is that there is no program associated with files of type .pdf.  I’ve covered how to create such file associations in the column before, but before you try that, I would recommend that you completely remove and reinstall Acrobat Reader.  Some of the behavior you’re describing is indicative of either a failed installation, or a new version improperly installed over an old one.

Q: I own a Kodak Easy share CX7530.  I took enough pics to fill my cartridge 128mb and for five years I could not figure out how to download the pics in my Toshiba Satellite A15-S127 Laptop.  Yesterday I got a new cartridge of 4GB’s.  It does not work, it must be programed (or something) anyhow I went back to my 128mb and diddled around with some usb cable, and managed to download 185 pics to my laptop!  Then I deleted all 185 pics frrom my 128mb, made a print of one of them, and then discovered I cannot find the other 185 pics.  Is there any way I can find them or are they lost forevermore?  They were taken over the past five years and there are some real valuable pics there.

– Kort G.
Crestview, FL

A: Since you printed them after removing them from the camera, the odds are that they are safe and located on your laptop someplace – probably in the My Pictures directory, located under My Documents.  If they really are deleted, then there is no non-technical way to recover them.  However, if you merely sent them to the Recycle Bin (the default in Windows) then you can easily recover them from there.  You can check by double-clicking the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop, and if the files are there, select the ones you want to recover, and then right-click and select “Restore” to put them back where they were.  It’s more likely than not that this problem was caused by you not paying attention to where the files are being saved, or possibly by clicking “Yes” on a warning dialog without really reading it.  Digital pictures are a very precious and irreplaceable commodity, so if well worth your time to take extra care when working in the files; and by all means, do not delete them out of your camera’s memory until you’ve verified that they are safely copied to your computer.  By the way, your camera’s Setup menu has a selection for formatting a memory card, which is necessary before that new 4GB module will work for you.

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