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Issue #750: December 5-11, 2021

Q: I often find myself hating technology, but I love your column! I have searched for an answer online without success. I use Outlook on my iPhone.  I cannot find a way to delete some auto-fill e-mail addresses. For background I have some new employees using static e-mail addresses in my business. It is frustrating […]

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Issue #749: Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2021

Geek Note:  I am on hiatus this week for a combination of vacation and finalizing my annual Christmas lights and music show, the Geek Lights on the Corner.  In lieu of a new column this week, I offer the following “best-of” from issue #500 – February 19, 2017. • • •  “Can you list a […]

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Issue #748: November 21-27, 2021

Q: Is there is a post and an answer on how to remove the banner ‘Need to renew Microsoft Windows 10 License’ that appears on the start-up for Windows 10?  – Ellis B.Niceville, Florida A: At present, there is neither a post nor an answer that deals with that question Ellis.  Well, there wasn’t when […]

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Issue #747: November 14-20, 2021

Q: I am having a problem accessing my Target Red Card over the last 4-5 months. For several years Target has sent me an email when my bill is due and within this email is a link to log into my red card account: This takes me to the log in page and from […]

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Issue #746: November 7-13, 2021

Q: I read with interest your recent comments on AOL accounts (I.G.T.M. Issue #737 – Sep 5, 2021). I am one of those who bought AOL e-mail, then discovered it had been made free, and later discovered you could keep your address. That is what I have done, receiving my e-mail in various formats […]

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Issue #745: Oct 31 – Nov 6, 2021

Q: How can I conveniently transfer my old emails to a cd? Thanks for your helpful column.  – Eugene S.Crestview, Florida A: Thanks, Eugene, though I fear that you’re going to find this edition of It’s Geek To Me to be less than helpful in answering your question, though I hope it will be educational. […]

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Issue #744: October 24-30, 2021

Q: Last year I updated two Dell systems. I’m attempting to upgrade one of the old units to Windows 10. Originally the old unit came with Win 10, but due to our good luck with Win 7, we had “7” installed over “10”. Now we are attempting to get Win 10 back on this unit […]

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Issue #743: October 17-23, 2021

Q: When I scan a document, I cannot have it sent to a file on my desktop computer’s hard drive (I indicate a preferred destination). I get a message that says, “Epson PDF Plug-in Unable to write to file.” But I can send it to my external hard drive, and then copy the file from […]

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Issue #742: October 10-16, 2021

Q: Does it depend what you are doing that make it okay to check the “keep me signed in” box? I know I would not do this on my bank account or maybe my medicine/health/doctor site, but would just shopping be ok?  – Spouse PeripheralBluewater Bay, Florida A: Seems like there are a whole bunch […]

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Issue #741: October 3-9, 2021

Q: I listen to Spotify on my iPhone throughout the day. Can you recommend a good Bluetooth speaker to purchase to connect to my iPhone? The fidelity would obviously improve my listening ability.  I read your columns weekly and have learned much. This is not a question of high importance, but just wanted you to […]

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