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Issue #886: July 14-20, 2024

Q: I am already hating AI on my computer and iPhone.  The AI is showing up on my Facebook page, on my cell phone only.  I have been thinking I need to go to our Cox store to get it out, since Cox Cable is my phone “owner” to Verizon.  Can I block it?  If […]

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Issue #885: July 7-13, 2024

Q: About two months ago I started getting this pop-up window when I start my HP laptop.  (Geek Note: The image provided as an attachment is posted on my web site at the bottom of this article.)  It just started one day for no apparent reason. Each time it happens, I just close it, but […]

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 Issue #884: Jun 30 – Jul 6, 2024

Q: I have hesitated to ask this question because it is so simple I would seem like a computer illiterate (which I don’t think I am). I have legitimately purchased for several years a highly discounted authorization to download a popular office suite. It cannot be automatically renewed. Should I uninstall the current version before […]

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Issue #883: June 23-29, 2024

Geek Note: This is part 2 of a 2-part column that was started last week.  If you missed the first part, you can read it on my website at (not .com!) • • • Q: I am changing email carriers. How do I move all my old emails from to my new Gmail […]

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Issue #882: June 16-22, 2024

Geek Note: This is part 1 of a 2-part column on switching to a new e-mail provider. The second half will publish next week. •  •  • Q: Cox Cable is forcing me to switch to a different email provider. I’m not sure what I need to do. I use Outlook for my email and […]

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Issue #881: June 9-15, 2024

Geek Note: For lack of questions from you, dear reader Geeks, I turned to a rather unlikely source: my own dear sweet wife, whom I lovingly refer to as Spouse Peripheral.  She sent me a couple of great questions to use while I wait for more to arrive from you. • • •  Q: I currently […]

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Issue #880: June 2-8, 2024

I’m going to do something a little different in this week’s issue of It’s Geek To Me.  I’m introducing a new feature that I call Tech News You May Have Missed, also known as Something to Write About When the Question Queue is Empty.  I tend to read lots of trade magazines, tech news stories, […]

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Issue #879: May 26 – Jun 1, 2024

Q: On a very few web sites I receive a message that says disable ad blocker to continue ( is one site, for example). This happens with Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers.  I searched program files and do not see any ad blockers. I have also followed the instructions from the three browsers on how […]

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Issue #878: May 19-25, 2024

Q: It appears I got caught up in the AT&T data breech and found that my email password was identified as being on the dark web, so I changed it both in the Outlook desktop app and in Microsoft 365.  My issue is that on my Android phone, when I open Outlook, I get the […]

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Issue 877: May 12-18, 2024

Q: I’m using Windows 10, and recently downloaded DuckDuckGo from Chrome. When I misspell a word, it gives me a link to click on that takes me to another page to find the correct spelling. Spell check in Chrome gave me options without going to another page.  My question is how/can I get spell check […]

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