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Issue #352: April 20, 2014

Q: Love your column, I have learned much from your answers. This error message recently began popping up every time I boot up my Dell desktop with windows 7. “APSDaemon.EXE SYSTEM ERROR The program can’t start because MSVCR80.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem“. I believe this has […]

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Issue #351: April 13, 2014

Q: Just bought a new Dell window 7 computer. Would it be a good ideal to install a fixcleaer. – Zorina F. Fort Walton Beach, Florida A: That would depend on whom you ask, Zorina.  Since you’ve decided to ask me, the answer is no. I think. That is to say, it’s “no” if I […]

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Issue #350: April 6, 2014

Q: I purchased a new Windows 8 computer to replace my Windows XP (SP3) laptop. On the laptop, I had Office 2010 installed and loved using Outlook with my Cox pop3 account. I purchased Office 365 for my new computer and it installed nicely. Love it! Except…a couple of days later, my email seemed to […]

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Issue #349: March 30, 2014

Q: I have used Cox for email since they first started in 2000, with really no problems. On one particular day I could no longer send email, but could receive email correctly using Thunderbird. I then started to use Outlook, and could send email for just over a week. Tried all of the settings, they […]

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Issue #348: March 23, 2014

Q: Chief Geek, I have computer/internet service from Cox Comm. I called Cox tech service about difficulty accessing my newly established Webmail account. Had difficulty understanding instructions, Tech took control my computer, eventually was told I had serious problems concerning “Foreign Addresses” and they were going to connect me to online Microsoft to address the […]

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Issue #347: March 16, 2014

Q: Recently Regcore Pro somehow installed on my computer. I removed it using the uninstall program. It does not show up in the programs, however almost daily it will pop up and run. Is there a way to completely get rid of this problem? – Larry H. Laurel Hill, Florida A: I’m pretty sure you […]

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Issue #346: March 9, 2014

Q:  Within my temporary internet files folder (IE 8) resides a pesky group of cookies that simply will NOT be deleted, leaving me feeling somewhat defeated.  I’ve gone the tools, internet options route, the “delete all cookies” route, and even tried safe mode but safe mode doesn’t even allow me to navigate to this folder.  […]

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Issue #345: March 2, 2014

Q:  With my computer on, modem on, but not in any web based program active, can a spammer or hacker still get into my computer? Few days back, I had a popup stating that I was being watched by two people. Have Skype with camera that would show me in front of the computer, but […]

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Issue #344: February 23, 2014

Q:  I recently went from windows 8.0 to 8.1 when promoted by windows auto updates. Now my Dell 922 printer will not print. Troubleshooting only tells me the printer is not supported. Microsoft search informs that Dell is aware there is no current driver to address this issue. I have read many similar complaints on […]

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Issue #343: February 16, 2014

Q:   I have an Apple IIgs which I bought about 1987 or ’88. I want to get rid of it. Would it be useful to someone, like a school, to investigate how an early computer works? Or should I just throw it out. If the latter, can I just throw it in the trash? – […]

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