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Issue #414: June 28 – July 4, 2015

  Q: Is there a way I can disable the auto start on the Adobe flash player video?  – Johnny W.Miramar Beach, Florida A:  Yes there is, Johnny.  However, the method is different depending on which web browser you use, and you neglected to tell me that in your question.  So, instead of answering you […]

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Issue #413: June 21–27, 2015

I love technology.  Here I am, sitting in an RV in the middle of practically nowhere, working at a battery-powered laptop writing an issue of It’s Geek To Me.  And if that’s not Geeky enough for you, I discovered that if I put my iPhone up in a certain window, I can catch just a […]

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Issue #412: June 14–20, 2015

Q: Hey guy. Thanks for the great column. Enough warm fuzzies – here’s my problem. I have an Apple IPod that has a considerable number of files stored on it. I use DropBox to transfer files between the IPod and my computer (an HP Pavillion HP which uses MS Windows 7.0). All of my devices […]

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Issue #411: June 7–13, 2015

Q: When I surf the web using windows Explorer 11 I keep getting a message that says explorer not responding and I have to keep clicking on restore secession. It happens quite often and it’s bugging me. There has got to be some setting I can adjust to help with this problem. – Charles M.Shalimar, […]

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Issue #410: May 31 – June 6, 2015

Q: I’m a snowbird who visits Destin annually, and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your column in the Northwest Florida Daily News. Unfortunately the Pittsburgh papers don’t carry your column. I have some questions and will contact you when we return next season. – Dick C.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A:  Thank-you for […]

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Issue #409: May 24–30, 2015

Q:  I inherited an HP Altec Laptop with an AMD A6 Processor. We can’t get in without the password. What can do? It has windows 8.1 – Pam B.Perry, Georgia A:  I just happened to have dealt with a similar situation recently, when I was asked to try and “break into” a computer that belonged […]

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Issue #408: May 17–23, 2015

Q: I am having a problem with Google search. I recently had problems with it when it started coming up with the address bar having an url that started out as: with about 50 0r more characters following. The desktop would have place for typing a search term but also a popup that stated […]

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Issue #407: May 10–16, 2015

Q: Can you tell me how to uninstall Ninja Loader? It snuck in when I was doing research on You Tube. (My fault, I clicked the download button.) According to their site, it is supposed to include an uninstall option; it does not. Various sites suggest registry and start menu manipulations. I’m uncomfortable with that. […]

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Issue #406: May 3–9, 2015

Q: My family has made your house an annual event at Christmas. Thank you for helping spread the true meaning of Christmas through your displays. I am reasonably computer literate, or in other words, I know just enough to be dangerous! My question: I use McAfee “LifeSafe – Internet Security” including Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, etc. […]

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Issue #405: Apr 26 – May 2, 2015

Q: In your column that published on Feb 21 (I.G.T.M. Issue #395, Feb 15, 2015) you comment on the 4Tb Seagate Central drive for file back-up.  I have an external drive for backing up my files – Clickfree.  Is this device also prone to failure? – Denise T.Destin, Florida A:  I’m afraid so, Denise, although […]

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