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Issue #495: January 15-21, 2017

Q: Recently two problems have cropped up on my home computer. The first is on Outlook, where I have both a Cox account and a work account linked. I frequently see my Cox folders collapsed, and when I click to get at my inbox, I get a message that says cannot open… is in use […]

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Issue #494: January 8-14, 2017

Q: A few minutes after I turn my computer on and intermittently during use, a black box comes up on my screen followed by a message – Windows cannot find ‘C:/Program files (x86)/user extensions/client.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. If I tap Ok it disappears. Now and then just […]

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Issue #493: January 1-7, 2017

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017, Geeks!  If you’re reading this, it means you’re one of the lucky ones who made it out of 2016 alive.  Let’s hope 2017 is a kinder, gentler year for all of us.  • • •  Q: Our laptop has quit accessing the Internet via our wireless router. It […]

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Issue #492: December 25-31, 2016

As I put fingers to keyboard to write this last column of 2016, I want to pause for a moment and say “thanks” to the many readers who have expressed their appreciation and support for the column in the past year. Make no mistake, I’ve also heard from a vocal minority who have absolutely no […]

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Issue #491: December 18-24, 2016

Q: I have two laptops. Laptop #2 is a Toshiba. I am giving it to my daughter. Windows 10 has been downloaded and kept updated. Here’s one problem that Cox is unable to solve. I have gone on line for a chat, called 4 times, eventually being transferred to a special technician and still no […]

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Issue #490: December 11-17, 2016

Q: I have Windows 10 and I keep getting an error code 43. Is there some fix for this that is safe or is this just a hoax? The error code comes up mostly when I am in my email. It says I can download a fix for my computer – Sharon R. City Withheld, […]

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Issue #489: December 4-10, 2016

Q: I too use Vista and there’s a point that I would appreciate clarification on before I dump this PC. I am 83 years old and that says it all about my computer knowledge. I also use the PC for printing puzzles for my wife and I, e-mail and the occasional mail order. I was […]

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Issue #488: November 27 – December 3, 2016

Q: My Win 7 system recently began to hang when I attempt to load/install updates. Last night when I selected shutdown, it said it would shutdown after updating. Sounded good. It downloaded one of 8 updates and shutdown. This morning upon start up it showed the update processing before allowing me to log on. Then […]

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Issue #487: November 20-26, 2016

Q: I was wondering if I made the change from a Windows PC to a Mac how difficult it would be for me to recover and access my files such as word, excel, powerpoint and outlook mail. – John S. Niceville, Florida A:  Like so many questions that I get asked, there is no one […]

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Issue #486: November 13-19, 2016

Q: Ever since I upgraded to Win10, I am forced to change the password for the administrator account periodically. I use the standard account almost all the time, several times a day. Occasionally, something asks for administrator privilege, and when I try to do so it says my administrator account password has expired and must […]

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