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Issue #504: March 19-25, 2017

Q: I work with a computer that has two accounts set up, one admin with password, which is almost never used, and one standard that goes through Microsoft and requires a password. I want to set up a local account (not through Microsoft) with no password and only one or two programs available to the […]

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Issue #503: March 12-18, 2017

Q: This is a follow-up to my question that you answered in #498 column (ed: I.G.T.M. #498, February 5, 2017). Thanks for providing the response, was elated. Neglected to mention the pop-up occurs with or without a browser running.  I do have Edge, IE11, and Firefox. I did try AdwCleaner previously but downloaded a new […]

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Issue #502 – Publication Week: March 5-11, 2017

Q: How do you set up Windows 10 on corporate accounts? We are a small construction company and really don’t know how to set up Windows 10 on multiple computers. We have also run into issues with setting up Microsoft Office 365 on these computers. So far we are just dealing with the laptops for […]

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Issue #501: February 26 – March 4, 2017

Q: I used Windows Photo Shop (or whatever it was called) in Windows Vista Home extensively to sort, edit and send photos to my HP printer. I cannot locate a photo processing locale anywhere in Windows 10. Is there one, or is this another app one must buy from Bill’s app store? Also, Snipping Tool.  […]

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Issue #500: February 19-25, 2017

“Can you list a state without an A in the name? Bet you can’t!” “Only 1 in 10 people can name these famous faces.” “It’s my birthday. I bet I won’t even get a single Like.” “Would you [wear/drive/buy/eat] this?” “You won’t believe what happens! Click ‘Like’ then ‘Share’.” “We can’t sell these iPads because […]

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Issue #499: February 12-18, 2017

Q: An e-mail problem has occurred infrequently in the past, and only since I (most reluctantly) resumed using Windows 10. I’ve searched several hours online and your column archives and have found no solution. Two days ago a friend sent several emails with photos. The photos do not appear and cannot be “opened.” All that […]

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Issue #498: February 5-11, 2017

Q: As a devoted reader, I greatly appreciate all the excellent information that you so well provide.  After reading today’s column thought I’d give a shot on my own problem. I have Win 10, running Avast Free Antivirus and for nearly a year have received an Avast Warning Threat Popup for wpad.dat and the indication […]

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Issue #497: January 29 – February 4, 2017

Q: Is KeePass safe to use as a password manager? – Josh L. Niceville, Florida A:  I discussed password managers in the column as recently as last month (I.G.T.M. #492 – December 25, 2016), so I won’t waste space in this issue rehashing what password managers are and the benefits of using them.  If you’re […]

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Issue #496: January 22-28, 2017

Q: Do you have any thoughts or ideas (other than re-installing programs or throwing the computer against the wall) on the following? We are using Windows 10, and running Thunderbird version 45.[something], and sending emails has not been a problem. About a week ago, we suddenly started getting the error message: Sending of the message […]

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Issue #495: January 15-21, 2017

Q: Recently two problems have cropped up on my home computer. The first is on Outlook, where I have both a Cox account and a work account linked. I frequently see my Cox folders collapsed, and when I click to get at my inbox, I get a message that says cannot open… is in use […]

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