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Issue #397: Mar 1–7, 2015

Q: I try to keep my computer happy by minimizing the updates that everyone in cyber-world seems to want me to have. But often those updates cause me problems – especially iTunes! – George S.Niceville, Florida A:  I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that somewhere along the line you got […]

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Issue #396: Feb 22–28, 2015

Q: Are you aware of instructors locally, not the Samsung web site who can teach the operations of the Samsung S5, whether fee for service, classes, or home service. We have an S5 that is giving us fits. Almost impossible to solve all problems over the telephone with Samsung. – Walter D. Miramar Beach, Florida […]

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Issue #395: Feb 15–21, 2015

Q: I’m considering using a 4Tb Seagate Central drive as my personal cloud for data storage for all my computers and mobile devices. Any suggestions on how to “easily” backup the data to another drive? – Terry P. Fort Walton Beach, Florida A: That’s very forward-thinking of you, Terry.  Let’s be sure everyone knows what […]

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Issue #394: Feb 8–14, 2015

Q: I find most of the operation of Windows confusing at best. I have more questions than you could possibly have time to answer but I’ll start out with a couple. The first is why there seems to be so much duplication. On the C: drive there is “Program Files” and “Program Files(x86)” which seem […]

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Issue #393: Feb 1–7, 2015

Q: A year or two ago I asked about programs temporarily stopping – The title bar on the window says “(not responding)”. Most respond after a few to several seconds. At the time you felt I has joking and used my question in your “humor” column. However, it is real and I still have the […]

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Issue #392: Jan 25–31, 2015

I’ve received numerous e-mails from readers responding to the column about malware lurking in smartphone flashlight apps (I.G.T.M. # 389, Jan 4-10, 2015).  The replies ranged from bare URLs, which I was apparently intended to visit and read (but, with no accompanying explanation, I often just ignored) to pages-long diatribes about how great certain particular […]

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Issue #391: Jan 18–24, 2015

Q: Is it possible to remove Antivirus Studio 2010 software from Windows XP and keep the remainder of system?  If so send me in direction? – Noah P. Baker, Florida A: Now you just know at this point of the game that I’m going to chide you for trying to keep a Win XP system […]

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Issue #390: Jan 11–17, 2015

Q: Two weeks ago I was renaming and placing a lot of photos in folders in order to make them easier to find. Yesterday, I decided to continue the reorganization project and found that all the folders are empty. What might I do to find those photos? I have done searches for photos, searched all […]

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Issue #389: Jan 4–10, 2015

Q: What is your take on this flashlite app malware? It doesn’t affect me, as I don’t have a smart phone, but it may be something your readers should know about. – Bob R. Niceville, Florida A: I absolutely agree with you, Bob! This is definitely something my readers need to know about, and […]

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Issue #388: Dec 28, 2014 – Jan 3, 2015

Welcome, fellow Geeks, to the last edition of IGTM for 2014. For those of you keeping track, this is issue #388. Wow, that’s a lot of columns.  As I write this, it is Christmas Eve day, and I’m waxing nostalgic over all the questions that I’ve answered this year, and yes, those I’ve been unable […]

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