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Issue #573: July 15-21, 2018

Q: Within the Windows Documents folder, how can entire folders be password protected? Password protecting individual files isn’t hard, but if there is a substantial number of files it becomes tedious. For example: Documents > Recreation > [multiple files] can the Recreation folder with its entire contents be password protected with one or two simple […]

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Issue #572: July 8-14, 2018

Q: A few months ago, I began to get the following error from Microsoft Outlook and Word whenever I click on a link: “This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.” Quite annoying when I can’t unsubscribe from emails and once my bank sent me […]

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Issue #571: July 1-7, 2018

Geek Note: If you’re a long time reader, you know that my annual Christmas Lights and Music Show, the Geek Lights on the Corner, has been around almost as long as this column.  I participate in quite a few online chat rooms where I exchange ideas and technical information with fellow lighting Geeks.  The following […]

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Issue #570: June 24-30, 2018

Q: Dear Geekster, Love your column; been reading it for years online (left Destin in ’04). In fact, I used to read you every Sunday, up until sometime in the middle of last year, when your column disappeared for a while. Then it would appear regularly for a while, then disappear off and on. Or […]

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Issue #569: June 17-23, 2018

Q: I have a problem that is hindering lots of things on my PC. I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7. There is the usual circle running on the screen most of the time showing something is busy. We have run Windows Task Manager & Malware Bytes to try to find something running, with […]

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Issue #568: June 10-16, 2018

Q: For quite some time lately, I’ve been getting an error message on boot-up from one computer. It never shows on the other PC. It says I don’t have access to a file, but I haven’t been able find what is calling that file. Today, I dug deeper and found that the file does exist. […]

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Issue #567: June 3-9, 2018

Q: I always enjoy your articles. Thanks for your passion. My question concerns booklet duplex printing to my WiFi HP OfficeJet Pro 8710. I generate a booklet document from Office (Word) 365 on my Dell Desktop-89C8GVE with Win10 Home, but when I print to my printer – both sides, fold on short side, the inside […]

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Issue #566: May 27 – June 2, 2018

Q: Lately I have been getting a reply “invalid username”.  It works on other requests.  How can someone tell me that my user name is invalid?  I have used that username since the internet first started with e-mail.  – Glenn H. Shalimar, Florida A: Your question is missing some contextual information, Glenn.  From whom or […]

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Issue #565: May 20-26, 2018

Q: I have a Dell Inspiron 17.3, 5000 Series, with a precision touchpad. I am experiencing the problems previously reported in your column regarding the highly sensitive touchpad. I cannot locate a TouchGuard, nor is there a picture of a touchpad on any of the function keys. Please address this issue again as well as […]

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Issue #564: May 13-19, 2018

It’s been a rather difficult week for this Geek and my extended family, as we grieve the tragic loss of a loved one.  So, I’m taking the week off and letting you, my dear readers, write this issue of It’s Geek To Me for me.  I must say, I don’t often receive reader communications which, […]

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