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Issue #865: February 18-24, 2024

Q: Here’s one that I’ve been wrestling with for about 4-6 months now.  I sign up for a few sweepstakes/contests sponsored by Food Network, HGTV, etc.  I’m using Chrome primarily, but same result in Edge.  When I open the email from the company and click on the box (link) for the first (of two) sponsored […]

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Issue #864: February 11-17, 2024

Q: I presently use an external hard drive to backup important items from my PC. This requires manually saving the files to the external drive. I understand you refrain from recommending specific programs, but can you recommend a reliable and secure way to back up my files automatically? Cloud storage is probably the answer but […]

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Issue #863: February 4-10, 2024

Q: I want to buy hubby a new computer. I want to get a Dell, but don’t know how to pick one. All we will be doing is Googling, internet access, uploading pictures. We don’t need any bells or whistles. We are retired and have only basic skills. Thanks so much for your input.  We […]

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Issue #862: Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2024

Q: In the last few days, no more than a couple of weeks, this problem has appeared: When I put the computer to sleep using commands from Start – Power, the computer starts up on its own after a period of time. Last time today, I placed the computer in Sleep at about 10:10 AM. […]

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Issue #861: January 21-27, 2024

Q: I am using Microsoft Edge (on my MacBook, running up-to-date OS) and I just developed a new problem with Gmail. I constantly use the popout when composing new emails. Last week the popout function stopped working. I hit Shift-C to get a popout window and I will get the window, but without the address […]

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Issue #860: January 14-20, 2024

Q: I read your post regularly and have learned so much and solved many issues with my computer, pads and phone. Thank you for that. In issue #848 (Geek Note: I.G.T.M. #848, Oct 22, 2023) you mentioned an app on the Apple Store to facilitate screen mirroring on IPads. The article said to look for […]

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Issue #859: January 7-14, 2024

Geek Note: Well, once again it’s Mac Week here at It’s Geek to Me, as I address some problems that readers are having with their Mac devices.  Since I am by no means a Mac guy, I turned to my friend and fellow Geek, Brian Walton, who provided me with much of the information in […]

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Issue #858: Dec 31, 2023 – Jan 6, 2024

Q: I’m retired now, but I’ve kept my email address and provider, and continue to use Outlook. Recently, I’m getting promos from Microsoft asking me to switch to “The New Outlook”. Right now, I am getting email on my iPhone and laptop through Cox, and I also have access through webmail. If I don’t switch, […]

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Issue #857: December 24 – 30, 2023

Q: With zero changes to my laptop, out of the blue of late, after opening several image files, all of which have associations to a working program as they always have, Windows 11 Explorer begins to pop-up a dialogue box that says: “This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this […]

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Issue #856: December 17 – 23, 2023

Q: On my old iPhone 6S which still works great I no longer have the text fill feature. I have gone through all my settings and talked to many people about restoring this feature. People usually say get a new phone. How can I restore the text fill feature and keep my old but great […]

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