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Issue #687 : September 20-26, 2020

Q: I keep my embroidery designs (thousands of them) on an external drive. All of a sudden I can’t get my external drive to open up on my laptop. I took it to my husband’s desk top and it gave me a message that it needed to be reformatted. That means I will lose all […]

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Issue #686: September 13-19, 2020

Q: My HP Chromebook is like a run away train. It erases my words, or places them in previous paragraphs. It also changes the font. I truly dislike this “lean, mean, amazing machine.”  – Lois P.Niceville, Florida A:  I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m no great fan of HP.  So, I’d love to […]

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Issue #685: September 6-12, 2020

Q: How important are service packs? I upgraded to a Windows 10 PC and am giving my old Windows 7 PC to a friend without any PC in the home. This will allow a student to tele-school because of COVID. To delete my personal information, I reinstalled the O/S from the original disks that came […]

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Issue #684: Aug 30 – Sep 5, 2020

Q: I enjoy reading your column although I don’t understand 75% of the questions or the answers but would appreciate your answer to a somewhat minor problem I continue to experience. Every time my husband forwards me an email from his account, instead of his name or email address appearing in the “from”, it says […]

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Issue #683 – Publication Week: August 23-29, 2020

Q: When printing a document from Word to my Brother B&W laser printer it prints anything that is in color as shades of grey, as it should. When printing the same document to an HP OfficeJet color printer from the same computer it will not print color. The Brother is connected through USB, the HP […]

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Issue #682: August 16-22, 2020

Q: Interesting article on location services (Geek Note: I.G.T.M. #680a – Special to ION Magazine, August 2020). Thanks. Might want to write about how Siri is sucking batteries dry. It is also spying on us. I turned Siri off in each app and iCloud and it pretty much resolved the issue. Although today I looked […]

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Issue #681: August 9-15, 2020

Geek Note: I’ve been warning you that my question queue was running on fumes.  All too few of you responded with new column fodder.  So, now you’ve done it – you’ve left it up to me to decide on a topic to fill this week’s issue.  You’re just going to have to live with the […]

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Issue #680: August 2-8, 2020

Q: My father is in an assisted living facility and his (old) computer died recently. I’ll get him a new one (basic model for email, pix), but wondering if I could/should get some sort of remote access tool to help keep it up to date and help him if he has an issue. Do you […]

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Issue #680a – Special to ION Magazine: August, 2020

One thing everybody should be concerned about these days is privacy.  I don’t mean that in the context of closing your drapes, or making sure people don’t overhear your conversations in public, but rather information protection.  There are a whole host of organizations and business to whom your personal information is digital gold, and they […]

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Issue #679: July 26 – August 1, 2020

Q: There is a company that advertises on TV that is selling protection for your computer which in turn will protect your identity, personal information and devices. The commercial talks about one important part, the “Secure VPN”. What is that? Do I need one? How can I tell if I do or do not already […]

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