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Issue #446: February 7–13, 2016

Geek Note: It was my pleasure to spend some face-to-face time with my fellow Geeks this past Saturday at the Northwest Florida Association of Computer Users Groups’ annual Tech Expo.  Today’s column contains answers to some issues that I wasn’t able to answer during my live Q&A session.    Q: Something called “DriverUpdate” has been […]

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Issue #445: January 31– February 6, 2016

Q: I have a warranty with Wal-Mart but it’s been such a hassle to use it that I may just go ahead and pay someone. For no apparent reason that I know of I can no longer put in my password. It hangs up every time. The Asus warranty said it sounds like software and […]

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Issue #444: January 24–30, 2016

Q: Can my Dell Vista Home Basic desktop computer be upgraded to Windows 10? I have updated my laptop, but the Vista is a little older. I’ve spent hours trying to find how to get on the list for upgrade and fixing driver issues, but if I can’t upgrade, I’ll just stop. Frustrating. – Diane […]

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Issue #443: January 17–23, 2016

Q: I am running Windows 7 on an HP Pavilion notebook and at times my processor and fan run like crazy. The task manager revealed that I was running at 100% CPU usage with half of that devoted to one program– something called “CLMLSvc.exe”. I did an internet search and saw a very vague explanation […]

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Issue #442: January 10–16, 2016

Q: Some, but not all, of my MS Outlook 2007 have the famous red x where a picture should be. This is not the same red x that is placeholding until I download the pictures. I previously used an online MS tool that was supposed to fix the problem but it didn’t. Any suggestions? This […]

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Issue #441: January 3–9, 2016

Q: I get notices from my PC to do updates on about 9 pieces of software that seem to be for peripherals, or for parts of the computer itself.  I’m talking about stuff like Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader, AMD USB 3.0 Host Controller, and other stuff like the Ethernet controller, and even the system’s […]

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Issue #440: Dec 27, 2015 – Jan 2, 2016

Q: Please explain internet speeds. I use Wi-Fi and I can plug in an Ethernet cable. The speeds are all over the place; sometimes it’s high sometimes it’s low. Why the difference? My upload speeds are from the lowest of .15 mb/sec to as high as 30 mb/sec on Ethernet. On Wi-Fi it’s from .5 […]

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Issue #439: December 20–26, 2015

Q: I have been using Dashlane password program for about 3 weeks now on my Windows 10 upgrade. My Avast Internet Security came on today and said it was a threat. I have looked at reviews and see many pros and cons. What is your opinion and should I remove it for another program you […]

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Issue #438: December 13–19, 2015

Q: I read your column religiously and thoroughly enjoy it. I’m somewhat of a geek too and pride myself on solving all or most of my issues with computers and/or software. “Google is my friend”. However, I have a problem I can’t find anything on. 3 days ago I attempted to install an older XP […]

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Issue #437: December 6–12, 2015

Q: A pop-up and sound-up associated with “Crackle” have invaded my computer and are driving me crazy.  There is no convenient way to turn Crackle off, but even when I manage to stop the intrusion, it comes back within minutes.  My search on the Internet reveals software which is touted as being free, safe, and […]

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