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Issue #386: Dec 14-20, 2014

Q:  I went to your website & searched for ‘Solid State Hard Drives’ but didn’t find anything that would answer my question. I am being dragged into the 21st century by upgrading my PC to Win 7. Unfortunately at the time this occurred (i.e. was forced upon me by the XP computer!), I had to […]

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Issue #385 – Publication Week: Dec 7-13, 2014

Q: I have a question and a request. Recently I was on my computer and the screen went blank – then a Halloween “Witch” came on and the screen said “Do you miss me?” I hit the RED X on the top right and it went away. About 2 hours later the screen gets this […]

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Issue #384: Nov 30-Dec 6, 2014

Q: Recently, short audio ads will boom from my laptop. Some have been for automobiles or insurance, and don’t seem to be related to any ads on web pages I may have left open. They are so loud I can hear them rooms away. I will delete my browsing history and reboot and the problem […]

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Issue #383: Nov 23-29, 2014

Q: I’m running Windows 8.1 on an Asus N53S laptop. During a recent trip after several days of no problems I tried to access the internet via the motel’s WiFi and found the laptop’s WiFi adapter turned off and the WiFi switch greyed out. The [fn]+F2 key combination has no effect. Attempting to fix it […]

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Issue #382: Nov 16-22, 2014

Q: Lately some spammers have spoofed my email address and are sending out spam with my address in the “From” and/or “Reply To”. As a result my inbox is being flooded with bounced emails coming from whenever the spammers use a bad “To” address or when the recipient has an active anti-spam mail box that […]

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Issue #381: Nov 9-15, 2014

Q: I can no longer open Excel or Works. I get a message, “click-2-run configuration failure”. What can I do? Are the programs lost? – Dave L. Niceville, Florida A: No, they’re not lost, Dave. In fact, I’m pretty sure that, in a sense, they were never really on your computer in the first place. […]

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Issue #380: Nov 2-8, 2014

Q: Your thoughts and suggestions for understanding various computer problems have always been my most anticipated read for the Sunday paper. Your solutions have always been my mid-week project, and are always “spot on!” I hope you can help with this situation.  Over the last ten or twelve years I have used a system of […]

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Issue #379: Oct 26-Nov 1, 2014

Q: I have an 8 year old HP Pavilion dv6700 laptop. For the past few months I have had a problem where the screen will go black while I’m clicking on an icon or typing information. Power is still on since all the lights are lit. The only way to restore use is to power […]

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Issue #378: Oct 19-25, 2014

Q: Thanks to your recent guidance, I have firewalled Bill Gates’ imps and corrected the problem they caused by sending me stuff they think I should have but which I have no idea why I need it. You’ve probably forgotten (Geek Note: No, I haven’t. See I.G.T.M. #365, July 20, 2014) but don’t worry about […]

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Issue #377: Oct 12-18, 2014

Q: Oh wise geek, I seek your recommendation. I bought a Toshiba laptop a few years ago that runs Windows 7. It came fully loaded with bloatware from the OEM that is completely useless. I want to strip this down to bare bones and get rid of all the bloatware and start from scratch, keeping […]

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