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Issue #539: November 19–25, 2017

Q: I enjoy your articles and save many of them in a notebook file. I have two questions. Many times as I am shutting down my computer it displays a pop-up box telling me that I should leave the computer on for several updates. Who is monitoring my computer to know that I need an […]

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Issue #538: November 12–18, 2017

Q: I have an HP 360 Laptop. When purchased it was Win 8.1. I did the free Win 10 upgrade and had gone through a number of updates without problems. The latest update in the summer of 2017 has left me with a watered down Win 10 and certain programs such as Family Tree Maker […]

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Issue #537: November 5–11, 2017

Q: I have Windows 10 on a HP laptop.  Yesterday Windows did an update of development tools or something. Now the background on Edge is black rather than the white it used to be. How do I get it back to white???   As a rhetorical question…How do these MSN idiots keep their jobs? – Dale […]

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Issue #536: October 29 – November 4, 2017

Q: More comment than question. NOT everything Microsoft (Bill Gates) does is evil. With respect to the recent printer issue (I.G.T.M. Issue #532, Oct 1, 2017), would not the printer’s website have been a place to look for Windows 10 drivers? Also, my latest experience w/MS: Tonight I had occasion to have to reinstall Flight […]

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Issue #535: October 22-28, 2017

Q: After a recent Windows update, my HP desktop running Win 10 no longer automatically goes in sleep mode as scheduled. I have checked power settings, and tried different ones including factory, all to no avail. Using the power icon I can manually get into sleep mode. Got confused looking at the CMD options. – […]

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Issue #534: October 15-21, 2017

Q: My Win 10 computer is no longer able to connect to my private network to download windows updates, and connect to network for IE11 or Edge.  The private network consists of primary XP computer direct to router connected wireless to computers XP Pro and Win 10 computers. No problems until mid-July when attempting to […]

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Issue #533: October 8-14, 2017

Q: I’m 99.9% certain that an ex-friend has “invaded” my confuser and has somehow stopped my emails from reaching the place I’ve sent them to.  This person was a long time co-worker and friend. At the start of the recent elections he became hostile to anyone that did not agree with him, so he used […]

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Issue #532: October 1-7, 2017

Geek Note: This week’s issue is for all of you in the “I hate Windows 10” camp.  I recently fielded a question from a long time reader who wrote-in to ask for assistance when her printer stopped working. The original question was: I have been trying for weeks to print a document from Open Office. […]

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Issue #531: September 24–30, 2017

Q: I was surfing the web with my 7 year old grandson recently, and one of the sites we visited showed a control that said “I am not a robot” and made me check a box before it would let me continue.  My grandson thought this was a hoot, and asked me why it thought […]

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Issue #530: September 17–23, 2017

Q: When I turn on the computer I get the following message: No Boot Device available SATA1: None SATA2: Installed SATA3: None SATA4: None SATA5: None Strike the F1 key to retry boot, F2 to run the setup utility. Striking F1 does nothing. If I strike F2 it enters the setup utility. I do nothing […]

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