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Issue #466: June 26 – July 2, 2016

Q: You’ve helped me before – directly and indirectly – so here goes. I bought a 3 TB drive that I would like to use as my personal cloud for my various devices. I assume I can move all my data files to it and change the software I use to look to the “cloud”. […]

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Issue #465: June 19–25, 2016

Q: In Microsoft Word, Office 365, there is a problem with a drop down menu when I misspell a word. The menu shows the suggested spelling of the word in question at the top of the menu. However, near that is a choice to ‘place’ that word in the dictionary. More than once I have […]

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Issue #464: June 12–18, 2016

Q: Trying to download and install Win 10. When I start the upload, I get a message saying I must first manually delete a Roxio software. I’ve done a complete scan of my system and do not have anything Roxio. I’ve downloaded 3 uninstallers but all report no Roxio anything. Is there anything I can […]

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Issue #463: June 5–11, 2016

Q: HELP – this morning while I was on Facebook, I got a pop up window with a female voice saying that the Zeus virus was detected, and that I should not restart my computer. It told me to call Microsoft Technical Support, and gave me a phone number and said to give the code […]

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Issue #462: May 29 – June 4, 2016

Q: I do not believe I have ever missed an article you have published. I hope you have a long career with our local paper. About a month ago, whenever I opened a word doc (Win 7, Office 2010) I got the spinning circle/jumping cursor problem. I have read numerous “fixes” from Google with people […]

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Issue #461: May 22–28, 2016

Q:  Recently, I had no access to my Windows (10) start button, it was “grayed-out” and I was not able to see my tiles, etc. The only remedy was to restore to an earlier date, but my question is, why did this happen and is there another way to remedy this?  Also, I think it […]

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Issue #460: May 15–21, 2016

Q: Using Windows 7, is there any way to absolutely know when a restart is complete? Sometimes, well always, it’s maddening if you try to do something before it’s done. – Dave F. Destin, Florida A:  To be clear, I’m going to change your word “restart” to “boot”, since for all intents and purposes it […]

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Issue #459: May 8–14, 2016

Q: I finally went ahead and downloaded Windows 10. Ever since I have I can no longer play music or watch any of the videos I have downloaded. I get the message Invalid value for registry when I try to watch a video. I have tried all I can think of but to no avail. […]

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Issue #458: May 1–7, 2016

Q: I have a PlayStation issue. I reached out to Sony on Facebook and haven’t heard back from them and don’t know if it’s something you can help me out with. I bought my PlayStation 4 shortly after launch and set it as my primary PlayStation 4, which allows me to play downloaded games when […]

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Issue #457: April 24–30, 2016

Q: I bought a new second 4 TB hard drive and when I went to install it, I found that there were no spare cables to make connection. One cable is used for the current hard drive and the other is for the CD drive. Is there an expansion slot or cables that can be […]

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