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Issue #428: October 4–10, 2015

Q: Since a recent Windows 8.1 update, I’ve experienced extremely slow web page loading. I use both Google Chrome and IE 11, and Chrome is almost unusable. IE is better but still very slow loading pages. Some Cox speed check and Google connectivity diagnostic results are attached. I also included results from a Toshiba laptop […]

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Issue #427: September 27 – Oct 3, 2015

Q: What is the best way to connect two computers? I recently bought a new desktop with windows 8 on it and I want to use it as the main computer. I have a wireless network connecting with 3 laptops already. Would I be able to connect a wireless adapter to the old desktop or […]

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Issue #426: September 20–26, 2015

Geek Note: The following are excerpts from a series of e-mails that were exchanged between me and “John F.” over a period of time from July to August 2015. I was surprised to hear from someone in England, and he was surprised that I was willing to try and help with his problem.  Needless to […]

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Issue #425: September 13–19, 2015

Q: Can you tell me how to delete unwanted pictures from Photo Stream? I want to keep some, but there are soooooo many I don’t want to keep and they are just eating up space on my iPad because I can’t figure out how to erase them at this end. Thank you. – Sue S.Niceville, […]

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Issue #424: September 6–12, 2015

Q: A lot of times when I am surfing the web, a message pops up at the bottom of the screen saying “Internet Explorer blocked a popup from”. It’s good that IE blocks the popups but it seems to make my computer hesitate while the popup is trying to open. Is there any way […]

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Issue #423: August 30 – September 5, 2015

Q: My wife is using a Toshiba laptop that without warning, the screen will go black and it appears to have shut off since the only way to resolve it is to push and hold the power button until it reboots. It operates both on battery and AC, so it doesn’t appear to be a […]

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Issue #422: August 23–29, 2015

Last week I promised to give my perspective on Windows 10, and discuss some of its new features.  So, if you haven’t pulled the trigger and installed this free upgrade yet, this issue may be of particular interest to you. Let me first say that Windows is back!  What I mean is that Win 10 […]

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Issue #421: August 16–22, 2015

Q: How about a review or comments on Windows 10? – Johnny W.Miramar Beach, Florida Q: What are the pros and cons of “upgrading” to Windows 10 from Windows 7? I don’t use a smartphone or tablet, only the desktop. My wife has a newer desktop with Windows 8.1 and she does use a smartphone […]

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Issue #420: August 9–15, 2015

 Q: I think my Windows Live Mail might have the same Alzheimer’s problem as Pete C. (I.G.T.M. Issue #410 – May 31-Jun 6 2015). I keep receiving the same message: “Someone has tried to sign in too many times, so your account has been frozen. Wait a while and try again”. I have waited & […]

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Issue #419: August 2–8, 2015

Q: Facebook freezes up to a minute as soon as I attempt a scroll. No other program freezes. I have contacted both Windows and Facebook but no replies. – Joe M.Crestview, Florida A: This is going to be one of those problems that I just can’t solve outright for you, because I simply can’t get […]

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