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Issue #705: January 24-30, 2021

Geek Note: I swear to you, my dear Geeks, that the appearance of the below question at this particular time is a mere coincidence, and was in no way motivated by anything you may have seen in the news recently about Facebook locking accounts, or anything of that nature.  In fact, in the interest of […]

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Issue #704: January 17-23, 2021

Q: I have old DVDs containing videos I took over the years of my daughter and grandchildren. I want to save them on my iMac hard drive to a) preserve them and b) enable viewing on my TV. via my Apple TV device. Currently, I have my Apple TV set up so that I can […]

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Issue #703: January 10-16, 2021

Geek Note: As the new year picks up steam, I want to close the books on some unfinished business from 2020.  So, pardon me while I do a little early spring cleaning and publish some bits and pieces that didn’t make it to the column anywhere else. • • •  Near the end of August, […]

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Issue #702: January 3-9, 2021

Q: Each morning I get up, get my cup of coffee and sit down to scan the newspaper before I start my day. Problem, about every 3rd day I sit and wait for about 10 – 15 minutes while the little wheel goes round and round and msg says “wait updating.” I have a Samsung […]

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Issue #701: Dec 27, 2020 – Jan 2, 2021

Greetings, my dear readers, and welcome to the last edition of It’s Geek To Me for the year 2020.  It has been an amazing roller coaster of a year for all of us.  As I read somewhere since this all began, we are not all in the same boat, but we are all subject to […]

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Issue #700: December 20-26, 2020

Q: I think that it was after doing something with iCloud that I got this problem. When I turned on my computer again, I got a black screen and this message “Fatal application initializing error. The application failed to initialize. Settings database cannot be constructed properly.” The worst part is it seems to have cleaned […]

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Issue #699: December 13-19, 2020

Q: First, your column is first on my Saturday reading list, and one of the reasons we still have a newspaper subscription. Second, I’m usually able to figure out the problems on our computers, being self-taught. ‘Nuf of that. The main reason for this is that a disturbing notification happened yesterday. It appeared quick and […]

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Issue #698: December 6-12, 2020

Q: When I try to search with Google it switches to Yahoo search. I’ve searched on line about this and it is caused by a virus that I downloaded. I tried to follow some instructions on getting rid of it but I can’t. Can you help please? Thank you. – John S.Niceville, Florida A: When […]

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Issue #697: Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2020

Q: My questions relate to the pop-up square at the bottom right of the Windows screen that appears when you click on the little up arrow and shows icons for various apps running in the background. I am not sure if my issue is based there, but lately I have been getting a number of […]

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Issue #696: November 22-28, 2020

Q: I have a 3 year old HP Pavilion running Windows 10.  There is an update that says my operating system is about to be outdated.  The update from Microsoft does not give me a choice to update or not. It reaches 91% then locks up.  I have left it spinning for 24 hours to […]

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