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Issue #403: Apr 12–18, 2015

Q: I want to combine in one place my files from 4 different computers that are not networked. They are in different geographical locations. I am looking for a simple way to accomplish this. Currently I am transferring files to a 500G external hard drive and it is a very slow process, i.e. one file […]

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Issue #402: Apr 5–11, 2015

Greetings, Fellow Geeks, and welcome to – wow, April? Really? Gosh the year is just flying by. I trust everyone survived April Fools’ Day, and that both your enemies and loved ones are still licking their wounds from the epic pranks you pulled on them. • • • Q: I need a program that will […]

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Issue #401: Mar 29–Apr 4, 2015

Q: I had submitted a question to you approximately two weeks ago and would like to thank you for the motivation you provide to all your readers for help. Since I wrote you requesting a possible solution to my Sony VAIO computer, I have been working to solve my problem. Thanks to your inspiration I […]

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Issue #400: Mar 22–28, 2015

The halls of Geek Tower were alive with music and merriment this week, as the crew of It’s Geek To Me celebrated our milestone 400th issue!  It’ll probably take Clyde the Janitor days to sweep up all the confetti, and we’ll probably be pulling Silly String® out of the ductwork in the break room for […]

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Issue #399: Mar 15–21, 2015

Looks like it’s Mac week here at It’s Geek To Me!  As I’ve previously said, I’m not much of a Mac expert.  If anybody out there, perhaps from a local Mac User’s Group, would like to step-up as a subject matter expert, I’d love to be able to use you as a resource when Mac-specific […]

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Issue 398: Mar 8-14, 2015

Q: I hate my new computer. It’s a Lenovo G50 with Windows 8.1, AMD A6 and 12g RAM. I use Webroot as my security software. I am using a program Pokki, that restores the look of Windows 7 and hides the all the “charming” crap that should be reserved for tablets. But I digress. I […]

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Issue #397: Mar 1–7, 2015

Q: I try to keep my computer happy by minimizing the updates that everyone in cyber-world seems to want me to have. But often those updates cause me problems – especially iTunes! – George S.Niceville, Florida A:  I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that somewhere along the line you got […]

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Issue #396: Feb 22–28, 2015

Q: Are you aware of instructors locally, not the Samsung web site who can teach the operations of the Samsung S5, whether fee for service, classes, or home service. We have an S5 that is giving us fits. Almost impossible to solve all problems over the telephone with Samsung. – Walter D. Miramar Beach, Florida […]

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Issue #395: Feb 15–21, 2015

Q: I’m considering using a 4Tb Seagate Central drive as my personal cloud for data storage for all my computers and mobile devices. Any suggestions on how to “easily” backup the data to another drive? – Terry P. Fort Walton Beach, Florida A: That’s very forward-thinking of you, Terry.  Let’s be sure everyone knows what […]

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Issue #394: Feb 8–14, 2015

Q: I find most of the operation of Windows confusing at best. I have more questions than you could possibly have time to answer but I’ll start out with a couple. The first is why there seems to be so much duplication. On the C: drive there is “Program Files” and “Program Files(x86)” which seem […]

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