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Issue #436: November 29 – December 5, 2015

Q: I am running Office 2010 Student Edition with Outlook as my email program. Lately some of the emails are coming into the Inbox and then immediately moving to the Junk box (ex. Facebook notifications and some legitimate address). Some unwanted emails have been flagged as junk and are removed from the inbox.  I cannot […]

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Issue #435: November 22–28, 2015

Q: My Toshiba laptop using Windows Vista died not long ago. I am a writer and my documents were created using Microsoft Works. I downloaded my documents (.wps) via CDs to our desktop, an HP pavilion using windows 8.1. I then had to get help through HP to make my documents editable…I could look at […]

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Issue #434: November 15–21, 2015

Q: I know next to nothing about computers. I don’t even know what an IP is, just like Hillary! (You should see what I went through to get to your column to ask a question!) I couldn’t navigate Facebook & hate it anyway, so I got off of that! I have a Dell computer with […]

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Issue #433: November 8–14, 2015

Q: I upgraded to Windows 10 recently, and have been trying out the new Edge browser.  Is it just me, or is Edge just a highly-stripped-down version of Internet Explorer?  I can’t even find a way of saving a file from a web page, which is a feature I use all the time. – Richard […]

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Issue #432: November 1–7, 2015

Q: Do you know when Windows 10 will be available for Surface tablets? – Jim H.Shalimar, Florida A: I’m not certain why you think there’s a wait, Jim.  You can update your Surface to Windows 10 just like everybody else can update their own PCs.  You have to take some steps to get the ball […]

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Issue #431: October 25–31, 2015

Q: From time to time, my computer freezes and I get a blue screen that says “Bad Pool Header” – computer does a restart after a few minutes and then it seems to work fine. What causes this and how do I correct? – Jerry G.Niceville, Florida A: Oh my. Don’t you just absolutely love […]

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Issue #430: October 18–24, 2015

Q: Constant issue with “thread stuck in device driver” error with almost every boot & have to start over. Tried everything suggested on line that I know how to do. Some worked for a few days. I’m scared of some suggestions for fear of causing more problems. My wife helps with some of my computer […]

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Issue #429: October 11–17, 2015

Q: I want a class in why/when you have to convert something to a PDF file. – Spouse PeripheralGeek House, Florida A: Yes, Dear. Of course, Dear. Seriously though, the other day I got the above text message from my lovely wife when she was at work. Apparently, when handling customer files at her office, […]

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Issue #428: October 4–10, 2015

Q: Since a recent Windows 8.1 update, I’ve experienced extremely slow web page loading. I use both Google Chrome and IE 11, and Chrome is almost unusable. IE is better but still very slow loading pages. Some Cox speed check and Google connectivity diagnostic results are attached. I also included results from a Toshiba laptop […]

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Issue #427: September 27 – Oct 3, 2015

Q: What is the best way to connect two computers? I recently bought a new desktop with windows 8 on it and I want to use it as the main computer. I have a wireless network connecting with 3 laptops already. Would I be able to connect a wireless adapter to the old desktop or […]

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