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Issue #634: September 15-21, 2019

Q: I read your column every week however many times it is over my head. Anyway, my present desktop computer is just like me, old and slow. I am going to purchase a new desktop soon, with a solid-state hard drive and other normal upgrades. What is the best way to transfer all my data […]

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Issue #633: September 8-14, 2019

Q: One of my coworkers had their car broken into. The Sheriff’s Office was called and when a deputy arrived he warned them against using Apple Pay because his office has received a lot of complaints from people who have had their accounts hacked and money stolen. I was really surprised by that because Apple […]

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Issue #632: September 1-7, 2019

Q: Dear The Geek:  Unfortunately, I have Windows 10 and my software was converted to the “service,” Office 365. There are two problems: I can no longer directly open Outlook. 1.1 A notification states, “Outlook is closing,” in spite of Outlook notifications being set to “off.” Therefore, I have to open the task manager, search […]

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Issue #631: August 25-31, 2019

Q: I read your column every week and love it. You said recently you will address things outside of PC issues. I have one for TV’s connected to the internet. We have two TV’s (Element E2SW5018 and Vizio E400i-B2) and two wi-fi networks, thru WOW and Centurylink. Both are reliable. WOW is weaker strength cause […]

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Issue #630: August 18-24, 2019

Q: I recently received a message from Microsoft saying that as of Jan. 14, 2020, they will no longer support Windows 7, the operating system on my laptop. (Yes, it’s that old.) I opted not to update to Windows 10 when it was offered free because of all the bad reports. It goes on to […]

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Issue #629: August 11-17, 2019

Q: You explain computer issues very well, but I don’t know if you get into texting and cell phone issues, as I couldn’t find any in past columns. If you do, here are several questions.  My wife has an iPhone and is trying to get proficient in texting, but we have a lot to learn. […]

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Issue #628: August 4-10, 2019

Q: How can you select reliable on-line assistance? Is there a database of tested reliable help that you can safely use remote access such as Let Me In? – Mary R.Shalimar, Florida A: As often happens here at It’s Geek To Me, your inquiry implies the need for additional information about which you didn’t explicitly […]

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Issue #627: July 28 – August 3, 2019

Q: I am debating whether to get a DVR to watch movies or using a streaming service to get my fix. The influx of choices has made it very confusing? And what exactly are Fire Sticks and Roku? Thank you. – Alicia P.Fort Walton Beach, Florida A: Oh, sweet! A non-computer, non “my tech doesn’t […]

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Issue #626: July 21-27, 2019

Q: About two minutes after I boot up my laptop (or wake it up) the disk usage goes to 95-100% (as seen in the Task Manager Process tab) and stays there for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the computer is useless. I’ve been fighting this for over a year. Now I just come in from […]

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Issue #625: July 14-20, 2019

Q: I have a Sony VAIO computer with Windows 7. I have the Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 that I plan on using for editing of some mini-VHS tapes I plan on transferring to disc and up-loading for editing using my VAIO laptop. I received my Windows warning saying Windows 7 will no longer be […]

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