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Issue #375: Sep 28–Oct 4, 2014

Q: I’ve read and enjoyed your columns for years-and learned a bit along the way, too. I now have a question of my own. So, here goes-drum roll. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop, with Win 8 (hate it, btw) and IE 10. I recently switched to Chrome as the default browser and am in […]

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Issue #374: Sep 21–27, 2014

Q: After an MSUPDATE on a Windows 7 system, Internet Explorer fails to start. Task Manager shows each IE attempt using 17% of the CPU. I first noticed this after a SILVERLIGHT update. I have since RESTORED the system to before the update and removed SILVERLIGHT. All was well until a Windows Update Agent update, […]

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Issue #373: Sep 14–20, 2014

Q: I have enjoyed your column, but can’t seem to find it on the new day. My real question is how can I transfer old emails from Outlook Express (XP OS) to a Windows 7 OS computer? I only want to save copies of the messages, not answer or edit them. I can copy the […]

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Issue #372: Sep 7–13, 2014

Q: I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista. Whenever I try to watch a YouTube video, the picture fills up with little pixels or small matrices and messes up the picture. This happens with other videos besides YouTube too. I think I am current on all my programs, but maybe not? This has been […]

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Issue #371: Aug 31 – Sep 6, 2014

Q: My mom is afraid of updates – afraid that she will allow something malicious to be downloaded. She said on her last computer that the updates were done in the background, and she was never bothered with having to make a decision. What settings need to be made to her Windows 8.1 laptop to […]

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Issue #370: Aug 24-30, 2014

Q: My account was hacked. I can log into my yahoo account, I can send messages but cannot receive them. – Paul P. Valencia, California A: I doubt you’ve been “hacked”, Paul. One typical sign of such hacking would be for the hacker to change your password to lock you out of your own account. […]

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Issue #369: Aug 17-23, 2014

Q: Despite using antivirus and other software scans, I continue to get a popup: “Browser Settings Your browser setting are not set to Search Results. Would you like to set your home page and search settings to MySearchResults? Click OK to continue,” It offers the options of OK, Disagree and X (close). I almost always […]

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Issue #368: Aug 10-16, 2014

Q: I bought a used computer from my brother last year, loaded with Windows 7. It took a neighbor several hours to help us get our webmail account compatible with Cox. Early this week, when I tried to log onto my computer (everything is password protected), I received this message: User Profile Service Failed Logon […]

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Issue #367: Aug 3-9, 2014

Q: We enjoy reading your column each week and hope you will have more words of wisdom to help us with a problem. Several weeks ago we started experiencing the BSOD at random times, maybe just once, or several times a day, or maybe skip a day. The first part of the message is always […]

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Issue #366: Jul 27–Aug 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to I.G.T.M.!!! This is Issue #366, and we’re celebrating the column’s 7th birthday. A lot has changed since that first issue published on Thursday, July 26, 2007, in the now-defunct NEXT section the Northwest Florida Daily News. One thing that has not changed is people’s need for assistance with their computers and technology. […]

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