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Issue #642: November 10-16, 2019

Q: I use my laptop mostly for word processing. My old one is failing. I bought a new one. A disaster!! The latest Windows 10 update has removed the option of disabling the touchpad when a mouse is connected. Even with my hand heels and wrists not touching the pads the pointer jumps around, typed […]

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Issue #641: November 3-9, 2019

Q: I wonder why you did not recommend to Brenda S. (Geek Note: IGTM #630, August 18, 2019) and others to try a Linux system on an older, low memory computer?  I have been using Linux Peppermint system for a couple of years and have had very few problems. Updates are fast and there are […]

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Issue #640: October 27 – November 2, 2019

Q: Microsoft says it will end support of Office 2010 on October 31. Because I have 2010 on 3 desktops and 2 laptops (all for personal use only) purchasing replacements would be quite expensive. The computers all have AVG Ultimate antivirus and Malwarebytes Premium (all up-to-date), is it safe to continue using Office 2010 past […]

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Issue #639: October 20-26, 2019

Q: I see many more computers and other electronics are “refurbished” than ever before, some being offered at deep discounts while others are almost priced at the new price. What are your thoughts on refurbished electronics? I would assume refurbished could be as little as a good cleaning or as extensive as replacing several boards. […]

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Issue #638: October 13-19, 2019

Q: I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 10 Home, version 1803. Our ISP is We have MS Office 2016 installed on the PC and use Outlook for our e-mail. Up until about a month ago my wife and I were not having any problems with Outlook. Then we started getting a message […]

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Issue #637: October 6-12, 2019

Q: My computer keeps shutting down and must restart several times a day. The shutting down and restarting takes forever. It is Windows 7 using Firefox. I know it is almost done but so am I. Help! – Joan H.Port Saint Lucie, Florida A: I suppose that I will spare you the lecture on the […]

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Issue #636: September 29 – October 5, 2019

Q: I have a Dell desktop running Windows 10. I leave it running and just hit the sleep button when I’m not using it. It always seems to be up to date, i.e. the various software updates are downloaded and installed and the process is transparent to me. When I check Updates and Security in […]

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Issue #635: September 22-28, 2019

Q: Some websites ask if I agree to “allow cookies”. What is good/bad about allowing this. – Spouse PeripheralNiceville, Florida A: In order to understand the answer, I think it’s important for everyone to understand the question. Specifically, exactly what cookies are, and what they do in the context of web browsing. Browser cookies were […]

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Issue #634: September 15-21, 2019

Q: I read your column every week however many times it is over my head. Anyway, my present desktop computer is just like me, old and slow. I am going to purchase a new desktop soon, with a solid-state hard drive and other normal upgrades. What is the best way to transfer all my data […]

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Issue #633: September 8-14, 2019

Q: One of my coworkers had their car broken into. The Sheriff’s Office was called and when a deputy arrived he warned them against using Apple Pay because his office has received a lot of complaints from people who have had their accounts hacked and money stolen. I was really surprised by that because Apple […]

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