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Issue #878: May 19-25, 2024

Q: It appears I got caught up in the AT&T data breech and found that my email password was identified as being on the dark web, so I changed it both in the Outlook desktop app and in Microsoft 365.  My issue is that on my Android phone, when I open Outlook, I get the […]

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Issue 877: May 12-18, 2024

Q: I’m using Windows 10, and recently downloaded DuckDuckGo from Chrome. When I misspell a word, it gives me a link to click on that takes me to another page to find the correct spelling. Spell check in Chrome gave me options without going to another page.  My question is how/can I get spell check […]

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Issue #876: May 5-11, 2024

Q: My iPhone presented a question, and at the time I did not realize the value in responding YES.  The question was whether to Always Autofill my Personal email address in the TO box on all New emails.  The value is when I frequently send a picture to myself for alteration or to add content […]

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Issue #875: Apr 28 – May 4, 2024

Q: I have a question related to reading the NWFL Daily News OnLine Subscription on my iPad – the page image is often larger than the screen, collapses to half screen when I attempt to move to read resulting in a continuing battle of larger than to half screen through the entire attempt to read. […]

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Issue #874: April 21-27, 2024

Q: I have been subscribed to Norton 360, but I’ve decided it’s too expensive to maintain so I will not be renewing. I’m just wondering if there are less expensive alternatives or if my Windows 10 operating system is sufficient.  – Patricia F.Niceville, Florida A:  Thanks for writing, Patricia.  I’m hung up on one word […]

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Issue #873: April 14-20, 2024

Q: Hope you are doing well this fine morning. In your latest post you said your Q was running on fumes. Here’s one for you that I can’t seem to resolve without maybe doing some registry work. I am using Windows 10 Pro and try not to fool around with the registry unless I have […]

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Issue #872: April 7-13, 2024

Q: I have 2 issues that I believe are unique to only one of my laptop computers. 1) Outlook 365 will not automatically download embedded images in a message when a VPN is connected. I’ve tried 2 VPNs, and the problem exists with both. I have Outlook set to always download images, so that’s not […]

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Issue #871: Mar 31 – Apr 6, 2024

Q: Can you recommend a non-iTunes option, Windows 11 compatible, program (free or paid) that will provide a 100 percent complete restore solution for an iPhone XR? The goal is to plug my inoperative iPhone in and, voila, have the iOS, data, and all apps restored to the same state they were before the outage/crash? […]

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Issue #870: March 24-30, 2024

Q: My daughter talked me into a MAC Air. “It’s easy, Dad.” My problem is that as I am reading the paper, it reloads the paper after about a page with the statement “The web page was reloaded because it was using significant memory.” I believe my problem to be the Northwest Florida Daily News e-edition […]

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Issue #869: March 17-23, 2024

My question queue is running on fumes again lately, so it’s dealer’s choice this week.  If you’re sitting on an issue and not getting the most out of your tech, what are you waiting for?  Hit the column’s website and click the link that says “Submit a Question.”  It’s free and easy, and I want […]

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