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Issue #672a – Special to ION Magazine: June, 2020

Q: Why is there no third-party testing of 5G to ensure it is safe and not a danger as being reported, including being banned in much of Europe? – Joseph H.City Unknown A: I’m going to sidestep the part of your question that asks “Why,” Joseph.  I think it is a bit presumptuous to state […]

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Issue #671: May 31 – Jun 6, 2020

Q: During the COVID 19 stay-at-home period, we have enjoyed the many free online entertainment services such as the Met Opera nightly streaming videos, similar BroadwayHD musicals, etc., but all efforts to make wireless Screen Mirroring/Miracast work using my laptop have proved futile. I have to revert to a 15′ HDMI cable strung along the […]

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Issue #670: May 24-30, 2020

Q: My Verizon Samsung Galaxy S8 sometimes won’t let me open items I receive via email. It says I need to install JavaScript in my browser. Trouble is I don’t know which browser my phone uses as default. I search the web using both Edge and Chrome.   When I Google “Install JavaScript” I don’t […]

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Issue #669: May 17-23, 2020

Q: I use Windows 10 and almost every time I shut down it says wait for updates. Is there a way to turn this automatic off and do it when I’m ready? Sometimes it happens when I turn it on too. – Joanne B.Niceville, Florida A: Great topic, Joanne!  If there’s one thing that users […]

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Issue #668: May 10-16, 2020

Q: I’ve followed your column for several years while living in Okaloosa County, and still follow it from time-to-time now that I live in Leon County. Thank you for your research and perspectives! I have joined my staff in working from home and began addressing email and scheduling through RDP. It did not work well […]

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Issue #667: May 3-9, 2020

Q: My brother-in-law claims that beginning on April 5, 2020 all seniors aged 65 or older are entitled to $750 a week from the government to stay home to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. Is that true or is that one of the scams you wrote about in your last column? He forwarded me a […]

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Issue #666: April 26 – May 2, 2020

Q: Dear Mr. Geek,  From a fervent reader, please I have an unusual question I am not sure is in your field but here it is. I made a set of Power Point slides which contain animated images .gif on some of the slides and also audio playing on the slides. I used the newest […]

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Issue #665: April 19-25, 2020

Q: I don’t have a question. But I tried to register and comment about column #662, Microsoft Money 2006 (Geek Note: I.G.T.M. # 662, March 29, 2020). I have used that software on my Dell running Windows 10 for several years. So, it’s not a compatibility with the software issue. I wanted to comment but […]

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Issue #664: April 12-18, 2020

Q: The following message sometimes appears on my computer screen when I’m searching for something: “A script on this page may be busy, or it may be stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script continues.” What is this message all about? What is a “script” […]

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Issue #663: April 5-11, 2020

Q: I have a problem with my Dell XPS 8700. When reading an e-mail etc. and not moving the mouse for a long time (10 minutes or longer) my computer shuts down and I have to reboot. – David S.Niceville, Florida A: The first thing that comes to my mind on reading your question, David, […]

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