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Issue #680: August 2-8, 2020

Q: My father is in an assisted living facility and his (old) computer died recently. I’ll get him a new one (basic model for email, pix), but wondering if I could/should get some sort of remote access tool to help keep it up to date and help him if he has an issue. Do you […]

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Issue #680a – Special to ION Magazine: August, 2020

One thing everybody should be concerned about these days is privacy.  I don’t mean that in the context of closing your drapes, or making sure people don’t overhear your conversations in public, but rather information protection.  There are a whole host of organizations and business to whom your personal information is digital gold, and they […]

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Issue #679: July 26 – August 1, 2020

Q: There is a company that advertises on TV that is selling protection for your computer which in turn will protect your identity, personal information and devices. The commercial talks about one important part, the “Secure VPN”. What is that? Do I need one? How can I tell if I do or do not already […]

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Issue #678: July 19-25, 2020

Q: Turning on my computer this morning, Microsoft Edge had been installed overnight. I did a system restore and got rid of it. I don’t think I want it. Am I wrong? Can I keep it from happening again? – Nancy C.Fort Walton Beach, Florida A:  You are among a handful of people I’ve heard […]

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Issue #677: July 12-18, 2020

Geek Note:  In last week’s issue I answered a great question from reader James Y.  James also had other unrelated questions in his submission that are all worth answering.  So, I’ve brought them forward to this week’s issue. • • • Q: I use three desktops: an HP Pavillion 20 Standalone and two HP Optiplex […]

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Issue #676: July 5-11, 2020

Q: My basic question is how do I configure my three desktops so that they do not force me to use a password? When I set them up (at three different times) I deliberately did not want them to require passwords. I leave them on all the time and they get automatic Windows updates. This […]

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Issue #675: June 28 – July 4, 2020

Q: Regarding my question you responded to in Issue #624, July 7-13, 2019. I believe you by chance solved my problem using the advice in todays issue (Online Searches) (Geek Note: I.G.T.M. #670, May 24-30, 2020). My problem was with my browser. I switched browser to MicroSoft Edge and this solved the problem. I think […]

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Issue #674: June 21-27, 2020

Q: About every two weeks, the volume on my PC running Windows 10 will become greatly diminished so that I have to turn the volume up to maximum to hear videos, music, etc. The only solution that I discovered to correct this is to revert to a restore point that had good volume. I suspect […]

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Issue #673: June 14-20, 2020

Geek Note:  This is going to be a rather unusual column. I don’t usually accept requests for specific businesses or products.  However, I believe this question merits exception to those rules.  If anyone local to the Fort Walton Beach, Florida area knows of, or is a business that can help, contact me either via my […]

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Issue #672: June 7-13, 2020

Q: Hello, Mr. Geek! I often forward interesting YouTube videos to some friends, and one of them just told me “Keith, when you send these neat U tube things, I get an announcement that says, basically, you are not authorized to view this thing. Any way around that? I don’t know anything about his computer […]

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