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Issue #620: June 9-15, 2019

In today’s issue, I’d like to recount a couple of true tales of technological horror. Well, potential horror, and one of which I personally prevented. My keyboard is starting to heat up from all the alliteration, so I’ll stop that for now. Seriously though, these are cautionary tales from which everyone can take away a […]

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Issue #619: June 2-8, 2019

Q: I currently have a Dell computer with an I3 processor. If I go up to an I5 processor which has a faster speed, will the web pages load up faster, or is the higher speed just for up/downloads? Thank you for your column. – John S.Niceville, Florida A: Your question actually implies more unasked […]

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Issue #618: May 25 – June 1, 2019

Q: I am receiving emails that are intended for another Marion McCleann. She has the same name as me, but lives in Texas. I have been getting very personal emails of hers from banks, lawyers, pharmacies, online ordering, etc. I have even received a first draft of her will sent by her attorney. One email […]

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Issue #617: May 19-25, 2019

Q: Sure wish they would run your column in the Panama City News Herald. I pick up the weekend Daily News and saw your article about internet scams. Here is one that is messing with folks here trying to find a place to live: Just do a good search for that and read the […]

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Issue #616: May 12-18, 2019

Q: I keep all my financial records in a program I wrote in 1988, using dBASE III file structure (.dbf) and compiled it with Clipper, DOS version. I run it on old hardware under Windows XP. My other computers are 64-bit hardware and I cannot run the .exe program nor open the files on them. […]

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Issue #615: May 5-11, 2019

Q: Since you’re running low on questions, here’s one: Are flat-panel TVs subject to the same kinds of errors that can creep up on computers that have been left running for long periods of time? – Del S.Fort Walton Beach, Florida A:  It is somewhat of a fallacy that errors creep up on a computer […]

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Issue #614: April 28 – May 4, 2019

Q: My wife, using a new Dell laptop with Windows 10 on it, was having problems using Outlook, which came with Microsoft Office 365 2019 version to access her email. The email provider is Cox Cable. We have had several problems using Outlook with Cox Cable, but the most recent problem I was not able […]

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Issue #613: April 21-27, 2019

Q: I have an older computer (HP Pavilion Slimline) that I have had since 2009. It has Windows 7. The computer suits my wife and I just fine as we use it for emails, ordering on-line and general internet access. It also has Windows Live Mail 2011 version. I have noticed for a long time […]

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Issue #612: April 14-20, 2019

Q: I just read today’s article (Geek Note: I.G.T.M. #609, March 24, 2019) about the Microsoft scam (which I have received several times). Yesterday I received four calls on my cell with my own cell number showing on caller ID. I answered the first one and heard a recorded message about my IP address being […]

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Issue #611: April 7-13, 2019

Q: I have years of emails and addresses too. First: what is the best way to back them up? Second: How can I read what I saved when in a different program? Supposedly, these files belong to me when on my personal computer but it seems I can’t do much with them unless I stay […]

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