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Issue #515: June 4-10, 2017

Q: My wife’s computer is an HP Notebook, with 64 bit system, using Internet Explorer 11. She can not receive free recipes from Taste of Home, Southern Living, etc, or emails from the Church. We have discussed this problem with CenturyLink email, but received no help. There are no error messages. The emails do not […]

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Issue #514: May 28 – June 3, 2017

Q: Alarming and somewhat mystifying information has very recently appeared on the Internet. Perhaps the most disturbing is Intel’s revelation that all computers using its CPU are subject to being remotely controlled by unwanted persons or organizations. It has something to do with the “AMT Module in the Management Engine.” Even worse is that Intel […]

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Issue #513: May 21-27, 2017

Q: I keep hearing the term “two factor authentication” and how important it is to security.  Can you tell me about it, where I can get it, and how do I set it up? – Gen R. Fort Walton Beach, Florida A: My, what a good-looking question, Gen!  With the latest round of malware running […]

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Issue #512: May 14-20, 2017

Q: After returning from a week away from the house I plugged my PC back into the outlet and booted it up. Did not get very far on the start up before I got this message: “A disk read error has occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”. Pressing the keys to restart just gets back to […]

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Issue #511: May 7-13, 2017

Q: Windows 10 updated without asking me first. Result was ALL my icons are gone from the screen and replaced with a few tiles!!! Also, I now cannot figure out how to scan a photo/document. It was no problem before the update. I hope you can tell me how to restore my original icons. Thanks. […]

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Issue #510: April 30 – May 6, 2017

Q: Based on your comments about Vista and how TurboTax will not support Vista next year I am changing my home desktop computer.  So, I am in the process of upgrading my old desk top system with Vista to Windows 10.  I used Avast to protect my old system from viruses and all the other […]

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Issue #509: April 23-29, 2017

Q: Computer frequently crashes, have to manually re-boot/re-start. Message says windows shut down incorrectly, asks if I want to “restart normally” (which I do). There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to shut-down process — it can happen when I click on a web site, when I click on entry for Quicken, when […]

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Issue #508: April 16-22, 2017

Q: I am having problems with Win10 disabling USB ports that have devices attached. With mine it was my speakers and in the beginning I was able to reinstall the drivers and they worked. It also happens to my video camera and with it I am able to disconnect and reconnect and it works. I […]

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Issue #507: April 9-15, 2017

Q: Had a pop-up from my Norton 360 that said I was connected to an “unsecured” net access site. Thing is, I was already on a secured site and hadn’t clicked on any other one when the message popped up. I couldn’t disconnect so I took the battery out of my lap-top. I’ve both Norton […]

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Issue #506: April 2-8, 2017

Q: About every 10 minutes my computer slows down or locks up. I get the small square saying “Internet Explorer has stopped working.” Sometimes, the icon on the screen shows no internet connection. Sometimes, not. When I try to do a speed test, it says “No internet connection”.  After about a minute, I connect and […]

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