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April, 2024

Issue #875: Apr 28 – May 4, 2024

Q: I have a question related to reading the NWFL Daily News OnLine Subscription on my iPad – the page image is often larger than the screen, collapses to half screen when I attempt to move to read resulting in a continuing battle of larger than to half screen through the entire attempt to read. […]

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Issue #874: April 21-27, 2024

Q: I have been subscribed to Norton 360, but I’ve decided it’s too expensive to maintain so I will not be renewing. I’m just wondering if there are less expensive alternatives or if my Windows 10 operating system is sufficient.  – Patricia F.Niceville, Florida A:  Thanks for writing, Patricia.  I’m hung up on one word […]

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Issue #873: April 14-20, 2024

Q: Hope you are doing well this fine morning. In your latest post you said your Q was running on fumes. Here’s one for you that I can’t seem to resolve without maybe doing some registry work. I am using Windows 10 Pro and try not to fool around with the registry unless I have […]

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Issue #872: April 7-13, 2024

Q: I have 2 issues that I believe are unique to only one of my laptop computers. 1) Outlook 365 will not automatically download embedded images in a message when a VPN is connected. I’ve tried 2 VPNs, and the problem exists with both. I have Outlook set to always download images, so that’s not […]

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April 2024

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