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Issue #366: Jul 27–Aug 2, 2014

Happy Birthday to I.G.T.M.!!! This is Issue #366, and we’re celebrating the column’s 7th birthday. A lot has changed since that first issue published on Thursday, July 26, 2007, in the now-defunct NEXT section the Northwest Florida Daily News. One thing that has not changed is people’s need for assistance with their computers and technology. So keep those questions coming! My Geek e-mail has been a bit light lately, and I could use a fresh infusion of questions. So if you’ve been waiting to write in, now is the time!

In the mean time, in honor of the column’s birthday, let me share a few “Best of” moments from letters that never made it to publication. Names have been withheld, of course, and please pardon my snarky replies. Sometimes I just can’t help myself!


A: I’m sorry, get rid of the what?  That’s so common that I’ve never even heard of it. Actually, it’s been my experience that one of the most common problems is people typing in ALL-CAPS.  It’s considered shouting.

(Circa Aug, 2008) Q: can you tell me why many times I can not have the page, it’s cann’t find the server, and, with Avast, it’s always window 32 the problem. You can find me stupid if you want but can you help me.

A: I actually don’t think I can tell you why…um…whatever you said. Wait, were you calling yourself “stupid” or me? I think we may have a bit of a language barrier.

(Circa Jun, 2009) Q: I have a problem with outlook express local deleted items folder(permanent) Without the local delete folder I cannot retrieve deleted message if I need to. When I delete all the items in the deleted folder in the left pane, it also deletes all the items in delete local folder as well.

A: Um…what? Sorry, the rest of this reply has been deleted from the deleted folder of deleted replies. Deleted.

(Circa Feb, 2012) Q: i keep getting this message

whoops were sorry something happen while browsing thanks you 
for your patience as restart the browser

when i google this show lots of questions no anwsers

A: How about that – the same thing just happened here! But seriously, I’ve never seen software generate an error message that starts with “whoops” before. The terrible grammar in the rest of the message leads me to think you’re probably not dealing with a legitimate product, or you’re pulling my leg.

(Circa Sep, 2012) Q: I am unable to log in to Microsoft Word.

A:  Log in to Word? Hmmm. Actually, now that I think about it, neither can I…

(Circa Oct, 2012) Q: About 3 or 4 times a day I find the widget calendar blank, Panda is disabled, and when mail is selected the bottom half where the message should be displayed is a light blue color (blank).

A: Have you tried cleaning your glasses? Are you wearing someone else’s glasses?

(Circa Apr, 2013) Q: Not Responding – I get that often with many applications – not all from MS. Research says memory – but this is on 2 computers. And others have the problem.

A: Sounds like you’re taking it rather personally. Try opening up, and getting to know the applications. Ask them about themselves, and I’m sure they’ll start responding. If they don’t then they were never really your friends anyway.

(Circa May, 2014) Q: I’m not interested in question being in the paper.

A: Then why did you write to a newspaper column?

See what I have to go through to bring this column to you, my dear Geeks? Oh, but it makes it all worthwhile when I get feedback from you that your issue has been resolved. So keep the questions coming, and I’ll see what I can do.

Good luck and Happy Computing!

– Geek

Thought you might get a kick out of seeing the original column as it published in the Northwest Florida Daily News back in 2007.  Enjoy.

NEXT Magazine Cover - July 26, 2007

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The original edition of It’s Geek To Me, as it appeared in the centerfold of the NEXT magazine insert.

I.G.T.M. Centerfold

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