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Issue #292: February 24, 2013

Q: I can’t seem to get rid of unwanted search toolbars on cox alone I have three toolbars opening up my Cox network and two on Facebook i Guess thats what you call then hope you can help me cause it causes my connection to jump around until all the search bars connect me to the same website

Ray A.
Crestview, Florida

A: Your e-mail is a bit tough to understand without punctuation, Ray.  I’m also not quite sure what you mean by “I can’t seem to”, since you didn’t really say what you tried.

There are two ways to get rid of unwanted stuff in your browser:  uninstall the stuff via the Windows Control Panel, or disable it via the browser’s add-in manager.  The former is a common operation, so I’m not going to cover that.  For the latter, these instructions are applicable only to Internet Explorer.  Start by clicking the “Tools” menu, and select “Manage add-ons”.  In the dialog that comes up, take note of the selection on the left that chooses which type of add-on you’re managing.  Start by looking at the ones labeled “Toolbars and Extensions” and disable the ones you don’t want.  Then move on to the “Search Providers” and click “Remove” for each one you don’t want.

Q: Don’t know if you’re into Apple much, but here’s an unusual problem. Naturally I have to use iTunes on my PC (running Vista) to load CDs into my iPhone. For some albums, for no rhyme or reason, iTunes will break the album into “sub-albums” containing a random number of tracks. For example, track 2 may be all by itself, track 3, 7, 8, 12 may be another “subalbum”. These albums typically have multiple artists in various combinations even though one is the featured performer. Most albums are fine, including many with multiple performers. I can’t find a common thread. There’s no way to merge these subs together once copied. I’ve tried deleting all subs #one album had 9 subs# and trying again to no avail. Bottom line is if I want to play one of the affected albums in its entirety, I can’t do it – I have to go back and forth between subs and then the tracks are mixed #doesn’t work well for broadway shows#. Any advice?

Bob B.
Niceville, Florida

A: I’m a huge fan of my iPhone and iPad, but I don’t really care for iTunes all that much.  I find it agonizingly unresponsive at times, and I find that there are many things that I want to do make it do that don’t have obvious activation mechanisms in the user interface, and I end up having to dredge up instructions online for things.

However, in your case, I don’t believe it’s an Apple problem.  It’s also not a Microsoft problem, before you jump to that conclusion.  The problem lies in the way the difficult albums are put together, and specifically, with information on the tracks.  The technical name for taking music tracks from a CD for play on a computer or other device is called “ripping”.  When a track is ripped, the program doing the ripping usually supplies a bunch of information about the track, including the song title, artist, year published, and yes, the album the track came from.  Depending on the quality of this data, subtle errors can cause problems like you’re talking about.  For example, let’s say you’re ripping an album by The Beatles.  If the artist of Track 1 is listed as “The Beatles” and the artist of Track 2 is listed as “Beatles”, the tracks will be put into separate directories.  By the same token, if the album of Track 1 is listed as “Abbey Road” and Track 2’s album is listed as “Abey Road” (note the typo), the songs appear to come from two different albums, and will be placed in different directories.  The methods for fixing this are fairly easy, but I’m out of space for the week, so I’m going to refer you to a support article on Apple’s website that should help you out.  Visit for more information.

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  • mudcat24 says:

    Jeff – Just a belated thank you for your advice regarding ripping CDs to iTunes. Your explanation made a lot of sense and the website you suggested solved my problem. Thanks again.

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