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November, 2018

Issue #592: November 25 – December 1, 2018

Q: My 21″ monitor only has a 19″ screen display. It’s an 8 year old HP Pavilion desktop running Windows 10 with an HP 2159m monitor. I noticed the problem several months ago but since the display is perfectly readable I have not been too concerned. I have tried all the manual settings on the […]

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Issue #591: November 18-24, 2018

Q: My wife has decided that she needs a new laptop for the upcoming holiday shopping.  We have two now, one HP and one Lenovo which are 5 and 6 years old.  What would you suggest as some of the best name brands (HP, Lenovo, Dell) or some other?  Should someone ever consider a refurbished […]

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Issue #590: November 11-17, 2018

Q: We are purchasing a second home in Texas and for several weeks now we have been corresponding with the realtor in Texas via email. Two days ago we stopped receiving all emails from our realtor although she was receiving ours. I spent many hours on the phone with Cox support to alleviate this problem. […]

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Issue #589: November 4-10, 2018

Q: I have email at and two accounts at On my Cox account I keep getting double emails for some strange reason. I run with Windows 10 and that is the place I have my Cox email set up. I have mails set up there also but I only get double from […]

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