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December, 2018

Issue #597: Dec 30, 2018 – Jan 5, 2019

Q: When I send an attached PDF, some recipients say they cannot open the attachment. I use O360 Outlook to send from desktop Win10. I sent a test emails to myself to see how my Samsung S7 handled the attachment. My S7 using @gmail was fine — PDF opened without problem. My S7 using […]

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Issue #596: December 23-29, 2018

Q: Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your column about researching a company providing computer services (Geek Note: I.G.T.M. #588, October 28, 2018). Your references to different research sources are very useful and enlightening. Generally, I think you do a nice job each week with your answers, and our community is fortunate to […]

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Issue #595:December 16-22, 2018

Q: I have a problem with Firefox and Cox webmail. I use Firefox because the format is easier than some of the other browsers that ask me to download and run Adobe flash, then gives me the message, “Your browser does not meet the minimum requirement of Adobe Flash Player 9 or higher.” This, from […]

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Issue #594: December 9-15, 2018

Q: I am using the free version of CCleaner on my Windows 10 Dell laptop computer. It seems to do a good job removing what I call “clutter” from my hard drive when I request a cleaning. Recently, I’ve been getting prompts to upgrade my CCleaner to the so-called, “Professional version” for a faster and […]

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Issue #593: December 2-8, 2018

Q: Have you heard anything about malware introduced in a fake Adobe Flash update and how to detect and remove it?  Here’s an article discussing it: Coupled with the Microsoft update on Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018, I saw a suspicious Adobe Flash update message while surfing and links using Google Chrome. McAfee also […]

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