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Issue #517 : June 18-24, 2017

Q: Thanks for replying reference missing icons on desktop (I.G.T.M. Issue #511, May 7, 2017). I discovered another way to find them. However, I’m still having a problem scanning. I have a Canon MG3200. I go to Explorer, Control Panel, Hardware, Devices/Printers, then click on the picture of the Canon. When I then click on Scan Photos/Documents, the following pops up: “You need a WIA driver to use this device. Please install from installation CD or manufacturer’s website and try again.” The strange thing is three weeks ago, my son was able to scan photos. Now it’s back to not working.  I don’t care if you publish my letter, but would you please email me because I do not get the Saturday paper. I thought you used to be in the Sunday paper.

– Gloria P.
Niceville, Florida

A:  I’m glad to hear that you got your prior problem fixed up, Gloria.  If my suggestions didn’t help, I sure would like to hear what it was that got your icons restored for you, so I can add that to my bag of tricks.  Your experience could help others with the same problem.  There’s a place on my website to comment on the actual column, or you can just write to me directly.

If you’ll pardon my saying so, what you described sounds like a pretty roundabout method of initiating a scan.  If it was me, I wouldn’t want to have to pay a visit to Control Panel, then open the list of devices, which often takes some time to finish populating, then finally click on a “Scan” button.  Most equipment manufacturers – including Canon – bundle software with their devices, so you should have received some sort of dedicated scanning software that may be a better choice.  Most modern scanners also have the ability to hook into various graphics programs that support such things, so that you can initiate an image capture without ever leaving the software in which the image is needed. Chances are that doing things this way will result in the same problem you’re already having, as it appears that Windows is missing a component it requires to talk to the scanner.

The item in question is the WIA driver that you mentioned in your question.  WIA stands for either Windows Image Acquisition or Windows Imaging Architecture, depending on who you ask. Now, the fact that it was working a few weeks ago and now is not would seem to indicate that something has happened to your computer, which could be anything from an improper shutdown to malware activity to a bad Windows update that somehow broke the existing driver.

The logical fix is to remove and reinstall the device driver, which should include the WIA driver.  If you can’t put your hands on the original discs that came with the device, Canon’s website has everything you need, including the original drivers, full documentation set, and if all else fails, the Canon Customer Service telephone number. I’ve done a little homework for you, and found you the page for your particular scanner at

 • • •

I’d like to close with a couple of friendly remarks on the statement “I don’t care if you publish my letter.” I receive these in e-mails once in a while.  I’d like to remind everybody that you are writing in to Q&A feature that publishes in newspapers and on the various websites.  My whole reason for putting the time and effort into researching a solution to a question is to create fodder for the column.  I love helping people out with their technical issues, but the honest truth is I don’t have the time to do all that just for fun.  Having said that, please keep the questions coming!  My queue is running low again, and without reader questions, it’s tough to put out a Q&A feature!

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