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Issue #387: Dec 21-27, 2014

Q: I use Google Chrome as my primary search engine. Last summer I changed my Video Card with an NVIDIA GeForce 630. When I open Google Chrome the screen opens with a pink hue to it and the Tab’s are hard to see. When it happened I did some research and I found it may be the 3D setting on the video card. I have make several changes that was given but nothing worked. I even tried uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling it and there was no change. Do you have any suggestions that may help me to correct this. I appreciate any thing you can tell me on this.

– Robert H.
Mary Esther, Florida

A:  Well the first thing you should probably know, Robert, is that Google Chrome is not a search engine, it is a web browser.  Using Chrome, you might access the Google website, which is a search engine, among other things, but Chrome is not itself a search engine.  Regardless, it seems pretty unlikely to me that Chrome would be the cause of the problem you described.  I don’t recommend the practice of uninstalling and reinstalling applications as a means of trial-and-error troubleshooting, but the fact that you did so with no net effect on the problem would seem to rule out Chrome as the source of the problem.  When troubleshooting problems that arise suddenly like this one did, one of the first things to look at are the most recent changes to the system.  You yourself said that the problem only started after you changed your video card.  That should be a major clue.  If you are going to reinstall something to try and fix the problem it should be the video card drivers.

Programs running under Windows vary wildly in what they can and actually do to manipulate the video card. You didn’t mention whether any other applications are showing the “pink hue” that you described, which would have been helpful for me to know.  A running browser shouldn’t be doing any fancy graphics that would trigger your card’s 3D settings, but that can’t be totally ruled out.  More likely in my opinion, would be the card’s color correction settings, or even an improperly connected video cable.

Assuming you’re using the ForceWare driver, you can try going to the nVidia Control Panel and looking for a setting that says “Adjust Video Color Settings”. Under that should be a dialog with a tab labeled “Correction”.  At the very least, you can use it to reduce the red/pink tint.  Beyond that, check your cable connections, and don’t rule out the possibility that the hardware itself may have a defect.


My Dear Geeks, depending on where you are reading this, my website, or one of the papers in which it publishes, Christmas might yet be a few days away, or it might have already passed. Regardless, Spouse Peripheral and I just want to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas to all your Geeky households.  At my house, we will be celebrating that very special birthday that lies at the heart of Christmas.  However you celebrate, if you celebrate at all, we with you happiness, health and prosperity into the New Year.

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