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Issue #347: March 16, 2014

Q: Recently Regcore Pro somehow installed on my computer. I removed it using the uninstall program. It does not show up in the programs, however almost daily it will pop up and run. Is there a way to completely get rid of this problem?

– Larry H.
Laurel Hill, Florida

A: I’m pretty sure you mean Regcure, Larry, and not Regcore.  It is one of those automated Registry “cleaner” programs that I’ve talked about previously in the column, and recommended against using, because they are a great way to fix one problem while simultaneously causing two new ones.  Fortunately for you, your problem is a fairly easy one to fix. Therefore, since the solution to many of these problems are very similar, I’m going to teach all you readers how to fish, i.e. find the answer to your specific problem, rather than simply handing you a fish, or, repeating information that is easily located online.

The trick lies in honing your Google-fu abilities to razor sharpness.  I recently taught a seminar on effective web searching that might have helped in matters such as this.  In your case, start out by going to Google, or your favorite search portal.  Make sure you’re entering the name of the problem software correctly.  Add some action phrase, like “completely remove” to narrow the focus from sites that merely mention it to sites that have information on complete eradication, and then run your search.  Look for articles from legitimate sites like BleepingComputer, cNet and such and do a little reading.  I think you’ll find that almost all of them point you to the same utilities I’ve mentioned in past articles, and promise similar results.  If you absolutely can’t catch your fish, contact me again, and I’ll see what I have in my net for you.

Q: I tried to download an update to my Apple iTunes software and received the following Error message R6034. “An application has made an attempt to load the C Runtime library incorrectly”. It now gives me the same error message when I try to open the iTunes that was already on my computer. I uninstalled the iTunes software and tried to reinstall it from the Apple website, but got the following message: “Apple mobile service device failed to start”. I then tried to download the free Microsoft Fix It software in an attempt to fix the problem, but got the following message: “Trouble shooter has experienced an unexpected error and cannot continue”. I have had iTunes for years without any problem. Any idea what the problem is and how I can fix it?

– Joe J.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida

A: Yes, I know what the problem is, and it’s probably more technical than you want to know.  It has to do with the way software is distributed.  Complex software applications are not a single file that has a .exe extension.  They are often broken up into several, sometimes dozens of individual pieces.  Some are extensions to the operating system.  Some are parts of the software that was used to develop the application.  Still others are parts of the application itself.  “The C runtime library” is a component that is supplied to an application developer along with the C/C++ compiler.  It contains common software interfaces that many applications written in the C or C++ language require when they run (hence the word “runtime”).  The runtime library is freely distributable, and is supplied to you, the end-user along with software that needs it.  (See, I told you this was more technical than you wanted to know.)

The more simple “how do I fix it” answer is to un-install more software.  Although the problem you’re experiencing is with iTunes, the bad or corrupted C runtime library is also used by other Apple products.  Uninstalling only iTunes doesn’t necessarily remove the offending component.  When you re-install again, the C runtime library is already present, so it’s not re-installed, and your left with the same problem.  To ensure the problem component is removed, uninstall all of the following Apple components, preferably in this order: iTunes, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, and finally, Apple Application Support.  When complete, reboot, and then download a fresh copy of the latest iTunes and reinstall.

Confidential to Robin G. in Fort Walton Beach, Florida: Despite what you’ve heard recently, some people do appreciate their HR rep!

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