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Issue #274: October 21, 2012

Q: I bought a new computer two months ago and had the person I bought it from transfer all my files from my old computer. I use this in my office with all computers hard wired into a network. My old computer is still hooked into the network. I use Outlook for email and have a very extensive archive file of emails organized into many folders so that I can find and retrieve information off of old emails. This person was able to transfer all my emails I have saved into different sub files except for the archived files. He has not been able to figure out how to do it. Old computer has XP. SP3

Alan F.
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

A: Unless someone has changed Outlook’s configuration, it stores archived data in a file named “Archive.pst” which is located in the same folder as your other Outlook data file.  Since you’ve had Outlook up and running on the new computer for a couple months already, chances are that you already have archived messages on the new computer, so you can’t just copy the old file over the new without losing something.  But you can copy it over from the old machine, and name it something like “Old_Archive.pst” then from the Outlook menu, choose “File” then “Open” then “Outlook Data File”.  Open the copied-over file, and all your old archives will be available.  You can even move them over to your new archive folder within Outlook, but that might take some time.

Q: A couple weeks ago, I noticed my keyboard didn’t work. Mouse was OK. Seemed to happen right after a Windows Critical Update, so I did a System Restore. It was fine for a few days, then the same thing. Did another restore, then configured CU to not automatically install updates. This morning, same story. Did a restore, then ran a Malwarebytes scan. No problem. Tried a Windows Defender scan, but Defender won’t start. Beginning to suspect a virus. Can you offer any suggestions? I checked, and also Googled the problem. There were so many hits I couldn’t choose, although most seemed to indicate keyboard AND mouse disabled.

Mike A.
Niceville, Florida

A: I think you’re on the right track suspecting a virus, Mike.  However, scanning with Windows just up and running in its normal mode gives viruses the chance to mask themselves from the scanner.  Your best bet at finding these is to boot into safe mode before running your scans.

Q: I want to be able to print from my apple devices to my windows based printer, an HP Officejet Pro 8500 A909a Series. I’ve searched the web, but not sure I trust what I see and read is 100% fool proof and for me it has to be pretty simple as it took me approximately 3.5 days to get mu current network set up and working as I desired.  When you buy all this hardware at the big box stores they all tell you just plug it in, follow the instructions on the screen and you will be up and running in no time. Maybe for some but not so for me. So I’m asking for a simple solution of one exists at all.

Scott K.
Mary Esther, Florida

A: You might notice I cut your extremely wordy question way down, Scott, because my column space is limited, and it was pretty easy to pick out the heart of what you’re asking.  Your complaint is a pretty common problem with high-tech gear.  People who know how to use it (like the guys who make their living selling it) make it look so easy, and the people who manufacture it try and cram-in every possible feature under the sun, and often seem to forget that many people — perhaps most — just want a product that is simple to set up, and works.  Apple has gained a reputation for such products, although it has been my experience that they do not always “just work”.  Often they “just fail” but unlike Windows-based products, they don’t usually crash.  They just frustratingly don’t do what you want them to do.  With regard to your question, it is not your setup that is stopping it from working, and there is no software that I know of that will make it work.  AirPrint is a feature that must be built-in to the printer itself in order for you to print from your iDevices.  I checked with Apple, and unfortunately, you seem to have a model of printer one generation prior to those that support AirPrint.  You can check the list for yourself and learn more about AirPrint by following this link:

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