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Issue #166: September 26, 2010

Q: I receive emails often with pictures attached.  Sometimes there are a lot of pictures and  maybe I would like to print one or two but not all of them.  Outlook express will not allow me to do that .  Is there someway I can avoid printing all of them if I don’t need them? I have Kodak  easy share installed on the computer where all of my pictures are downloaded from my camera.  but I haven’t been able to find a way to move pics from email to Kodak.  Can you help me please? 

– Sherri S.
Destin, Fla

A: Seems to me that you’re trying to make Outlook Express do something it’s not really designed to do, Sherri.  OE is an e-mail client, meaning its job is to get e-mails and e-mail attachments into your computer.  That seems to be working for you (you should feel lucky – I get lots of e-mails from people that have problems getting that far).  Once you have the picture-laden e-mails on your computer, you need to get the pictures out of Outlook Express, and into Easyshare.  There is no direct linkage between them, so you would need to simply save the attachments as files in a folder of your own choosing.  If you’re not imaginative enough, let’s just say a folder named “Temp” that you create on your Windows Desktop.  There are choices in the OE menus for saving the attachments, or you can right-click on them and choose “Save Attachments” from the context menu.  Once you have them saved as files, go to EasyShare and click on “Add Photos”.  Navigate to the folder where you saved the pictures.  Select the photos that you want to upload to EasyShare.  To select multiple pictures, use either the “Shift” key, or the “Ctrl” key along with your mouse.  “Shift” selects pictures in a contiguous group, where “Ctrl” selects pictures in more-or-less random order.  Once your selection is complete, click “Add Pictures” and wait for a bit while EasyShare does its thing.  I presume you already know how to share pictures from within EasyShare, including printing them.  Once the pictures are in EasyShare, you should be able to delete the temporary folder you created.

Q: Sometimes when I install software or an update my computer says I have to reboot for the update to take effect.  Other times it doesn’t.  Why is this, and, when it doesn’t force the reboot, should I reboot it myself? 

– Leo N.
Fort Walton Beach,Fla

A: That question is geekier than you probably realize, Leo.  Rather than going into boring detail of when and why Windows requires rebooting and when it doesn’t, let me put it as simply as I can.  Windows requires rebooting when an install or update tries to replace a file, but can’t because the file was in-use and locked at the time of the installation.  When this happens, Windows makes special entries in the System Registry, and during the next boot, it replaces the affected files before launching any other software, thereby guaranteeing the files will not be locked.  As for doing a manual reboot, sure – why not?  It won’t hurt anything.

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