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December, 2019

Issue #649: Dec 29, 2019 – Jan 4, 2020

Q: I am running Windows 10, via download when forced off Windows 7, on Dell laptop.  Using your guidance from a prior column, I have determined that my Renesas 3.0 USB disappears at irregular intervals. (checking ‘Properties’ in Device Manager shows ‘This device not installed’). The consequence being that two of my three USB ports […]

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Issue #648: December 22-28, 2019

My recommendation is to follow Lenovo’s recommendation.  If a representative from your computer’s manufacturer told you not to install it, then it seems like it would be rather foolish to install it anyway.

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Issue #647: December 15-21, 2019

Q: I just bought a new Dell computer with Windows 10. It has Windows Defender for virus protection along with a 30 free trial of McAfee Live. My question is, is Windows Defender a good enough virus protector or should I buy McAfee or Norton to use as my virus protection? Thank you very much. […]

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Issue #646: December 8-14, 2019

Q: I was recently doing some routine file work on a Windows 10 system. I noticed that for one particular file, the directory listing showed that it had over 400 bytes of data in it, but when I looked at the file’s Properties window, it showed the “Size on Disk” as zero bytes. How can […]

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Issue #645: December 1-7, 2019

Q: Ever since I updated my iPhone to IOS 12 I have had contacts disappearing regularly and the contact app crashing while I am creating a new contact. Often when I create a contact, I add notes, a profile pic, address etc. Often when I view the contact seconds later some or all of the […]

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