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November, 2017

Issue #540: November 26 – December 2, 2017

Q: Whenever I open my computer my screen is filled partially or completely with gibberish. I have succeeded in printing this and it is three pages, Here is a partial line printout: a.gb_ub_vb a,#gb etc. another line sample: progressmove {o%}margin-left-100% etc.  There are two and 3/4 pages of this. It has quickly disappeared, but now […]

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Issue #539: November 19–25, 2017

Q: I enjoy your articles and save many of them in a notebook file. I have two questions. Many times as I am shutting down my computer it displays a pop-up box telling me that I should leave the computer on for several updates. Who is monitoring my computer to know that I need an […]

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Issue #538: November 12–18, 2017

Q: I have an HP 360 Laptop. When purchased it was Win 8.1. I did the free Win 10 upgrade and had gone through a number of updates without problems. The latest update in the summer of 2017 has left me with a watered down Win 10 and certain programs such as Family Tree Maker […]

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Issue #537: November 5–11, 2017

Q: I have Windows 10 on a HP laptop.  Yesterday Windows did an update of development tools or something. Now the background on Edge is black rather than the white it used to be. How do I get it back to white???   As a rhetorical question…How do these MSN idiots keep their jobs? – Dale […]

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