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September, 2017

Issue #531: September 24–30, 2017

Q: I was surfing the web with my 7 year old grandson recently, and one of the sites we visited showed a control that said “I am not a robot” and made me check a box before it would let me continue.  My grandson thought this was a hoot, and asked me why it thought […]

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Issue #530: September 17–23, 2017

Q: When I turn on the computer I get the following message: No Boot Device available SATA1: None SATA2: Installed SATA3: None SATA4: None SATA5: None Strike the F1 key to retry boot, F2 to run the setup utility. Striking F1 does nothing. If I strike F2 it enters the setup utility. I do nothing […]

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Issue #529: September 10–16, 2017

Q: How can we configure Windows 10 Email, Calendar, and Contacts to use our family’s Google accounts? We would like to receive notifications in the Action Center when new Emails arrive and for calendar event reminders. – Josh L. Niceville, Florida A:  I think you’ll find it’s far easier than you’re expecting, Josh.  I have […]

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Issue #528: September 3–9, 2017

Q: Great article about retrieving a forgotten WiFi password (I.G.T.M. Issue #523, July 30, 2017). I have two questions; 1. How is a forgotten password retrieved if the computer doesn’t automatically connect to WiFi? 2. Is there a solution to retrieve a password for an IPhone? My 12 year old granddaughter has forgotten her password […]

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