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December, 2022

Issue #805: December 25-31, 2022

Well, dear readers, we have reached the final issue of It’s Geek To Me for 2022.  Just for the record, this is issue #805 of my humble little publication.  I never thought it would go on this long when I first approached Del Stone at the Northwest Florida Daily News with the idea for a […]

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Issue #804: December 18-24, 2022

Q: I know it has been answered quite a few years ago, but I would like it addressed again. We all have lots of old devices and computers that we need to get rid of. In today’s world we are all more concerned about identity theft and having our data stolen for purposes which can […]

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Issue #803: December 11-17, 2022

Q: How much surge protection (joules) is recommended for computers?  What is recommended, surge protection or power conditioning? – Jim A.Navarre, Florida A:  To protect any expensive device, whether it be a TV, game console, or computer, a surge protector with a rating over 2,000 joules is typically recommended.  You can find the ratings on […]

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Issue #802: December 4-10, 2022

Q: My internet keeps going out at busy times of the day. The cable/internet company told me that when other people (my neighbors) sign onto their internets, this is knocking out my internet signal because they have a stronger piece of equipment than I do. FYI- I currently have a Motorola Wi-Fi modem that is […]

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December 2022

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