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October, 2022

Issue #797 – Publication Week: Oct 30 – Nov 5, 2022

Geek Note:  As you might expect when one has both a wife and a Q&A column about computers and technology, there are certain expectations from said wife about obtaining Geek-level support on various issues relating to devices and their proper functioning.  Questions come up from my dear “Spouse Peripheral” all the time, and I often […]

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Issue #796: October 23-29, 2022

Q: Love your column and read it every week. You’ve been asking for some questions so here is one for you that I’m having trouble with. I volunteer to run a small computer network for a non-profit and run 4 computers hard wired and a Wi-Fi printer that is used by all. Each computer is […]

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Issue #795: October 16-22, 2022

Q: First, many thanks for all of your great support to us over the many years.  I have a relatively new computer (Dell Optiplex 3050 bought in 2018) that is not compatible with the new Windows 11. It seems that Microsoft is getting very particular with what can run Windows 11. I am not interested […]

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Issue #794: October 9-15, 2022

Q: Dear Mr. Jeff Werner, My Problem Of Late Is With My Gmail Every Time I Go To That Account To Try To Log In It Keeps Telling Me That I Have To Verify My Account By Using A Code That Is Sent Through My Cell Phone. I’m Really Getting Sick & Tired Of This […]

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Issue #793: October 2-8, 2022

Q: I’ve been reading your column since the very first issue back in 2007.  Congratulations on your recent anniversary.  Many times over the past 15 years, you have recommended webmail, usually Gmail, as the solution of choice for people’s e-mail.  So, I made the switch, and I really like how a single inbox, and even […]

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October 2022

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