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August, 2022

Issue #788: Aug 28 – Sep 3, 2022

Geek Note:  This week, I received multiple reader e-mails asking about issue #787, which was supposed to publish the week of August 21-27, but which apparently didn’t make it into at least one of the newspapers in which it normally appears. If you were denied your weekly dose of Geekdom, I sincerely apologize.  I assure […]

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Issue #787: August 21-27, 2022

Q: Hello! I remain a dedicated reader of all your columns.  Since downloading a Microsoft update over a year ago I have had problems with my system starting and running slow. Disk check on C: drive shows no problem. Running “sfc /scannow” shows 34% completion before failure. Running “DISM /Cleanup Image /Scanhealth” fails after 54%, […]

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Issue #786: August 14-20, 2022

Q: My question is about email storage, Gmail in particular. Gmail is, as everyone knows, watching people’s email storage most likely in hopes of beginning an incremental charge for stored or undeleted emails.  I get a “Gmail almost full” warning every week or so which prompts me to dump my junk into trash and then […]

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Issue #785: August 7-13, 2022

Q: Dear Geek, I have a tower running Windows 10. Windows Update tells me that the PC doesn’t meet minimum requirements to run Windows 11. PC Health Check tells me my CPU i7-7700@3.60 GHz does not support Windows 11. I called Dell fully expecting them to sell me another CPU, but they made it clear […]

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August 2022

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