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November, 2021

Issue #749: Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2021

Geek Note:  I am on hiatus this week for a combination of vacation and finalizing my annual Christmas lights and music show, the Geek Lights on the Corner.  In lieu of a new column this week, I offer the following “best-of” from issue #500 – February 19, 2017. • • •  “Can you list a […]

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Issue #748: November 21-27, 2021

Q: Is there is a post and an answer on how to remove the banner ‘Need to renew Microsoft Windows 10 License’ that appears on the start-up for Windows 10?  – Ellis B.Niceville, Florida A: At present, there is neither a post nor an answer that deals with that question Ellis.  Well, there wasn’t when […]

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Issue #747: November 14-20, 2021

Q: I am having a problem accessing my Target Red Card over the last 4-5 months. For several years Target has sent me an email when my bill is due and within this email is a link to log into my red card account: This takes me to the log in page and from […]

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Issue #746: November 7-13, 2021

Q: I read with interest your recent comments on AOL accounts (I.G.T.M. Issue #737 – Sep 5, 2021). I am one of those who bought AOL e-mail, then discovered it had been made free, and later discovered you could keep your address. That is what I have done, receiving my e-mail in various formats […]

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November 2021

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