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June, 2021

Issue #727: Jun 27 – Jul 3, 2021

Q: I have a Dell Inspiration desktop with an HDMI port. I’ve connected a TV it and am not happy with the results. The monitor display is not the same as the TV display. I have to “set up” the computer for the site, etc, I want and then disconnect the Monitor from the Computer. […]

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Issue #726: June 20-26 2021

Q: I tried submitting this before, but if you responded I did not see it, so here goes again. I handed down my older computer to my wife, who uses it in our home office primarily to play games and an occasional check of Facebook. Several years ago, whenever we started her computer, we would […]

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Issue #725: June 13-19, 2021

Q: How do I delete and remove old unused websites and the associated passwords? I’m trying to clean up my passwords.  – Sam D.Niceville, Florida A: It must be spring cleaning time!  Your question makes an excellent follow-up to last week’s question from Reader Marianne K. on freeing up hard disk storage.  As usual, some […]

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Issue #724: June 6-12, 2021

Q: I’m trying to keep my laptop clean and fast, and I notice that the Downloads folder has a lot of high MB files. I’ve deleted the easy ones – like the puzzles from the Daily News that I print in the AM. But what about old ZOOM calls, and updates such as Dell Display […]

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