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November, 2020

Issue #697: Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2020

Q: My questions relate to the pop-up square at the bottom right of the Windows screen that appears when you click on the little up arrow and shows icons for various apps running in the background. I am not sure if my issue is based there, but lately I have been getting a number of […]

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Issue #696: November 22-28, 2020

Q: I have a 3 year old HP Pavilion running Windows 10.  There is an update that says my operating system is about to be outdated.  The update from Microsoft does not give me a choice to update or not. It reaches 91% then locks up.  I have left it spinning for 24 hours to […]

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Issue #695: November 15-21, 2020

Q: I read “A tale of 3 passwords” (Geek Note: This is presumably referring to I.G.T.M. Issue #676, July 5, 2020) and your explanation was good until you told the user to add the username and password “that will automatically be used for future sign-ins.” I had no idea what to enter so I created […]

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Issue #694: November 8-14, 2020

Q: I have over 100 hours of video on VHS tapes I want to convert to digital. I have a VHS player and a DVR that can records to either disk or HDD. I have been recording from the VHS tapes to the HDD, doing some minor editing and then burning to disk. I searched […]

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Issue #693 – Publication Week: November 1-7, 2020

Q: How do I delete Avast overseer from C:/Program Files/Common Files/avast software/overseer? Have run Avast Free for years. last several months have encountered duplicate desktop shortcuts for Avast about 3-4 minutes after startup is complete. I can delete the shortcut but it always returns on the next startup. I have disabled/deleted Overseer from Task Manager. […]

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